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Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce


Premium onDemand


Where is the documentation? Extract the zip file you got from Envato and click /doc/index.html.

Changing your thank you page is a serious ordeal which is why there is no official solution from WooCommerce and why this plugin is so awesome even compared to other similar plugin.

Please read “A note for first time buyer” at the end of this product description so you know more about it and what we can do to help you.

Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce - 1

Have you ever want to change the “Thank You” page in WooCommerce which shown after a customer complete a purchase right after the checkout screen?

Are you screaming HELP! for something that should be so easy? Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce - 2

This plugin allows you to :

  1. Change the default “Thank You” page to another WordPress page or any external sites.
  2. Create a special “Thank You” page for a particular product and prioritise which page will be shown if there are more than one product in a cart.
  3. Shortcode to get the Order Summary, Order Detail and Customer Detail making it easier to build the custom page.
  4. Take order number and order total as javascript variable that you can access on the thank you page in case you need it for analytics.

NEW IN VERSION 1.6 and 1.7!
This plugin just become more awesome! Now you can..

  1. Designate different page for different language when working with Polylang. This means you can now translate the thank you page using either Polylang or qTranslate-X.
  2. Integrated with Google Analytics e-Commerce. If it’s not, call our awesome support and we’ll help.
  3. Integrated with Facebook PixelYourSite plugin. Your Pixel setting using that plugin should run just fine with your new custom thank you page.

(As a note: If you are using Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce Library or GTM this plugin will not work out of the box. However if you are using a plugin to input the enhanced e-Commerce or GTM I am willing to make the integration with that plugin for free (PM please). Ordinary E-Commerce tracking which most people use should work fine)


Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce - 3

Create lead page! Get more subscriber! Up sell another product after purchase! The possibilities are endless!

A note for first time buyer

The reason why there is no official WooCommerce solution to changing your thank you page is because a lot of 3rd party plugins depend on the default thank you page. For example analytics plugins like Google or Facebook Pixel usually put their tracking code at the default thank you page and as you can guess, changing it will break the feature.

That is why this thank you page solve it by providing integration with any Google Analytics plugin and Facebook PixelYourSite plugin. This should make this plugin safe to use for 99% of users but sometimes there are some plugins that also use the default thank you page for whatever purpose.

Now this is where the rave 5 stars reviews for this plugin comes from. I am willing to help you make the integration so long you provide me with the name of the plugin to integrate and admin + ftp access.

If you encounter any kind of error please contact me via the comment form first as well because I am responsive, attentive and will tend to you as soon as possible.


Update compatibility with Woocommerce Google Analytics

Better compatibility with 3rd party plugin. Update to the way we load the thank you page so other plugins that utilise the thank you page will run without the need of customization.

Woocommerce Subscription, YITH Uploads, Woocommerce Downloadable, WooCommerce Google Analytics integration

Facebook PixelYourSite integration

Jelly Pixel Custom Thank You Page Plugin JUST GOT LEVELED UP! Product priorities, qTranslate-X and Polylang integration and Google Analytics e-Commerce tracking support for this release on update 1.6!

Adding WooCommerce 3 compatibility, WP multisite compatibility and a shortcode to display buyer’s name. It’s getting more awesome!

When checking out as guest the shortcode always show the latest checkout info made by any guest even though it might not be the one made on the current session. Fixed this.

The wp_enqueue sometimes clash with the one that comes from the themes because the variable name is too generic. Fixed it.

Making the shortcode to output only the last order made within 30 minutes. So the thank you page will not show very old purchase made beyond 30 minutes  :).


  1. Returning two javascript variable, order number and order total to be used by javascript codes on the thank you page.
  2. Creating compatibility with WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration.


  1. Changing the return value of the shortcode so it returns to variable instead of printing directly to screen.
  2. Changing the help documentation to better reflect the package downloaded from CC


  1. Fixing the screenshot of the shortcode on CodeCanyon and documentation. The screenshot for order_details and customer_details shortcode should be singular -> order_detail, customer_detail
  2. Fixing “jQuery not found” warning that can be seen on Firebug. This warning do nothing and the program still works though.

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