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WhatsHam – A cloud based WhatsApp SAAS System




Requirements and Features


A cloud based WhatsApp SAAS system where you can make a bulk campaign along with the WhatsApp bot. As this uses whatsapp web instance so there is no hazard of banning whatsapp.


  • Vps or Any NodeJs Enabled Shared Hosting with pupptter installed
  • MySQL Database
  • Domain or Subdomain


  • Secured Login
    Login options to prevent unauthorized access of your app.
  • Bulk Message
    Send bulk sms along with any media with delay function.
  • WhatsApp Bot
    Make an auto reply whatsapp bot easily.
  • Subscription
    Make dynamic plans for user subscription.
  • Account Manage
    Manage your users with account managing.
  • Payment Gateways
    Razorpay and Paypal payment mode with offline payment system.

  • Transaction Log
    Transaction log of every payment transaction.
  • Ping to Admin
    User and admin direct message system.
  • Much More










App Access

Video:- Click Here

Admin Login:- Click Here
Admin email:- admin@admin.com
Admin password:- password

User Login:- Click Here
User email:- user@user.com
User password:- password


Do not use e cracked or nulled version of this NodejApp app it’s very dangerous for your VPS or hosting panel! Trust Me.

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