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This is IOS Version. Android Version also available in this link

Subscription Based OFFICE Services – Based on Employees/Field Sales Men/ Field workers Realtime Live GPS Tracking and History Saving [Employee and Boss App + Super Admin App] – Full system is made with Realtime Live GPS. For Business Purposes to Sell Subscriptions to Many Companies for tracking their employees/sales men/field workers Realtime live and Store history/Attandance. As a Business,You can launch this product and can sell your subscriptions worldwide, Many Company bosses will buy your subscriptions for tracking their employees realtime Live + History + Attandance. Background Location tracking Feature Enabled for All time.

This Model is for Multiple Companies/Many Companies. As a Business Platform, You can sell subscription to multiple company bosses. Bosses will buy subscription and can track their employees data( Realtime Live Moving+ History + attandace). Bosses will buy subscription in every month/year with employee limit

there are 2 apps

  • Admin/Boss + Employee Combined App
  • Super Admin App

Top Features and Guide to use the app:

1. Suppose Your Company is “xyz” , So as a Boss Sign up to boss section with Company id like : xyz123. (example)
2. Sign up to employee section as an Employee of “xyz” company with that company id: xyz123.
3. As an Employee, Click on ‘Check In’ in Employee Section for live tracking and history. Give attandance to your boss
4. From Boss section, every individual company boss can see only his company employees live moving
5. From boss Section ,every individual boss will get the attandance,realtime histories of his company – employees
6. Bosses will buy subscriptions for their Companies.
7. Super admin can see all registered companies and can set subscription prices as well as payments
8. For realtime live moving and history savings of every employee, in employee section the attendance must be checked in by the employee.
9. every individual boss will get only his company employees data ( Realtime movement history+ Realtime Moving + Attandance)
10. Notifications will go to every individual boss for his own company employees.
11. Subscription is set up Fully
12. Demo Payment gateway set and you can change payment gateway according to your needs.
13. Android and IOS Background location tracking feature enabled .
14. A boss only get his employees data, he will not get other company-employees data
15.100% Realtime Features
16.Model is fully setup for Multiple Companies subscription based.
17.Subscription is setup with Monthly/Yearly wise + Employee limit size for each company wise
18.Millions of Company Bosses can create their Company id and profile/account at boss app.
19.Millions of Employees can signup as different Companies-employees
20. The company “XYZ” -boss can see only “XYZ” company -employees all data( Realtime history+ Realtime Moving + Attandance)
21. Renewal Subscription System
22. Realtime Moving, Realtime History, Realtime Notifications, Realtime attandance, Realtime Subscription checking etc are set there
23. Remainder of Subscription Renew System


Whatsapp us at Link:
Email us at

Requirements if you want to setup by yourself

  • Xcode, Swift knowledge if you want to do by yourself
  • IPhone(IOS 15 or later)
  • Macbook Pro
  • Apple Developer console
  • Firebase Account [Cost Free]


See our documentation pdf inside the zip file after purchase…Setup info is given there. You must have knowledge of swift and xcode/ios programming

Download the Main app
First install Test flight from Appstore then use this link to download the app

First you need to download Test flight from appstore in your iphone
then use this link to install the app


All Files updated at 26 November 2022

You will get Free updates & reliable customer support all the time after purchase

what will you get?

  • Xcode ios Full source code[Full Backend + Full FrontEnd Codes]
  • Full documentation and Reskin pdf file
  • 24×7 full support ( You can Email/Whatsapp us Anytime. we will reply within 24 Hours.)

Our Services (Paid):

  • Full installation/Reskin/Setup/Ready made Apk with your info/branding/color/icon/app name and Full server Setup
  • If you want modifications/Customizations, we can modify/customize the app for you
  • Any type of new features can be implemented by us
  • life time support 24×7 Hours
  • we also make any type of custom apps/Software
  • Build Custom features inside this app with us
  • Some Most wanted Features for this app:
    1. Forms to collect data by employees and can be seen by boss
    2. Report Generation
    3.Assigning works/jobs to employees by their bosses
    4.There are huge features that can be added inside this app, whatsapp us for details

if you want our services, Please Email us at or whatsapp us at

Feel Free To Contact with us Any time Any moment. visit our Company website: . Registered Company number 13626037. 128 City Road London, United Kingdom


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All orders within the USA are shipped via UPS at the following rates (you will have the option to select your rate when placing an order):

  • Free Standard (1-5 business days) — Free (orders over $100)
  • Standard (1-5 business days) — $5.95
  • Next Day Air (1 business day) — $18.95

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