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Allow your customers to easily compare your products side by side. With the help of our plugin, your potential customers can easily generate a detailed comparison table that shows the differences and similarities between the products. This way your customer can easily pick the right product that fits their needs.

What the Plugin Does

This plugin helps you define and organize your product attributes tabularly.
Orion Product Comparer - 1

Then, your customers can easily select the products they want to compare by clicking on the ‘compare’ button.
Orion Product Comparer - 2

After selecting the products, a comparison list is automatically generated. The customer then clicks on the ‘compare’ button below the list to view the comparison table.

The comparison table is a side-by-side analogy of the selected products.

How can you benefit from it?

You won’t need to spend time explaining to your customer what’s the difference between your products. They can see the differences clearly.

No more hesitant buyers because they’re having a hard time to decide which product suits their needs the best.
Let your customers purchase with confidence.


Product comparison attributes

Using this plugin you can create your own set of attributes to be compared and assign it to any product of your store. You can also extract and use WooCommerce native data such as the product price, pictures, descriptions and so on as comparison attributes. These attributes will be the ones compared side by side in the comparison table.

Comparison button

Once a set of comparison attributes has been assigned to a product, a comparison button will be displayed on the product page. That button will let the customers add the product to their comparison list in order to compare it with other similar products.

Side by side comparison table

This is a well-detailed table that shows the differences and similarities of the compared products, side by side. This gives your customers a chance to make better decisions when they want to purchase in your store.

Similarities and differences filters

The comparison table also offer a way to show only the similarities or only the differences of the compared products.


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