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Monitoring Zone (SaaS) Twilio SMS add-on




Note: Twilio SMS Add-on is not an independent system. It will work only if you already have our Monitoring Zone (SaaS) application purchased and installed. Link to the product is: https://codecanyon.net/item/monitoring-zone-saas-server-monitoring-laravel-app/33389569. If you do not purchase Monitoring Zone (SaaS) click https://codecanyon.net/item/monitoring-zone-saas-server-monitoring-laravel-app/33389569 for purchasing

How to install the addon-on?

1) First of all if you don’t have Monitoring Zone (SaaS) installed, install that.
2) When you purchase this app, you will get a file with both install document and a zip of the add-on

3) Login as admin to the Monitoring Zone (SaaS) and then you can upload the addon zip folder and that will do the installation.

4) Then login to Twilio and create API details,
You will get Account SID, Auth Token and a Phone number.
(This phone number will be used to send SMS to customers)
Add those three details from addon settings page.

Then for each customer, after login as customer they can add a phone number to get the notifications.

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