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E-commerce Seller mobile application (Goshops)



Note: This isn’t independent app This app is available only for Goshops – Multi-purpose e-commerce marketplace. here

Seller App is an important module for the Goshops Project. Sellers can manage all their orders, products through the App. Additionally, Mobile POS system was developed for clients’ convenience.

With POS System Sellers can easily place orders even on their way. They do not have to look for some PC, moreover notification function for new orders is available in the App, when there is a new order, a seller receives notification about it. A seller can seamlessly manage orders, change their statuses and send to Delivery man.

E-commerce Seller mobile application (Goshops) - 1

E-commerce Seller mobile application (Goshops) - 2

Login: admin@gmail.com
Password: admin123 
Login: support@githubit.com
Password: seller

E-commerce Seller mobile application (Goshops) - 3Seller app

E-commerce Seller mobile application (Goshops) - 4Documentation

E-commerce Seller mobile application (Goshops) - 5

Sellers App has function


  • Total and delivery earnings
  • Total order tax
  • Total commission
  • In Progress/ Delivered/ Cancelled Orders
  • Out of stock products
  • Total Products
  • Order reviews
  • Order in this months
  • Top 100 Customers with details
  • Top 100 Seller products with details
  • Notification

  • Shop edit/delete
  • Shop status
  • Shop name
  • Shop users
  • Phone
  • Descriptions
  • Open/close hours
  • Visibility
  • MIN amount
  • TAX
  • Commission
  • Address
  • Delivery range
  • Select shop location
  • Map
    POS system

  • Filter products/shops/category/brands
  • Add to cart
  • Variants: colors/size/etc
  • In stock/ out of stock
  • Select users/ search users
  • Multi-currency
  • Payment type
  • Wallet
  • Address
  • Select delivery type
  • Select delivery time
  • Select delivery date

  • Add order / edit order
  • Open/complete/cancelled
  • Can change status of orders
  • Client info
  • Order info

  • Search products
  • Filter
  • Edit/delete Order
  • Add products
  • Brands
  • Categories
  • Users
  • Reviews
  • Order / Product reviews
  • Delivery boy

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