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Boost Your Core Web Vitals And Page Speed Score

Core Web Vitals Are A New Initiative From Google Designed To Measure And Improve User Experience On The Web.


Why Page Speed Matters

  • The faster your site loads, the lower the bounce rate. If your site is fast, you have a better chance of ranking on Google over slow sites that drive high bounce rates.

  • Mobile users expect fast load speed, too. In one survey, 73% of users reported visiting a website with a slow loading speed.

  • Walmart discovered that improving page load time by one second increased conversions by 2% and also speed affects the SEO rankings of a website

Here is the complete demo of our plugin –

Username – demo_admin

Password – demo_pass

You can enable or disable option and check the speed on the main website. for example: you can disable the option of WEBP and then you can see speed will decrease and once you enable it again then the speed will be increased


✔  Lazy Load:

Instead of loading the entire web page and rendering it to the user in one go as in bulk loading, the concept of lazy loading assists in loading only the required section and delays the remaining, until it is needed by the user.

Benefits Of Lazy Loading:

  • Reduces Initial Load Time – Lazy loading a webpage reduces page weight, allowing for a quicker page load time.

  • Bandwidth Conservation – Lazy loading conserves bandwidth by delivering content to users only if it’s requested.

  • System Resource Conservation – Lazy loading conserves both server and client resources, because only some of the images, JavaScript and other code actually needs to be rendered or executed.


✔  Delay JavaScript Execution:

It improves performance by delaying the loading of all JavaScript files until there is a user interaction like scrolling, pressing a key etc.

Benefits of delaying the javascript files:

  • Reduce JavaScript Execution time.

  • Remove Unused JavaScript.

  • First Contentful Paint.


✔  Self-Hosting Google Fonts:

Hosting fonts locally is a great way to open your site up to new fonts and possibly speed up your site.

Benefits of Hosting Fonts Locally:

  • Better For Security: it’s not likely that Google Fonts will be hacked, but on your own server, you still have full control over your security.

  • Faster, Better Performance: Google Fonts load a lot extra CSS that you won’t need; plus if you self-host, you can bundle and minify your font-related CSS rules/files too (which also results in fewer HTTP requests).


✔  Remove Unused CSS:

There is a good chance that your website contains CSS that have no impact on current page elements. For example, frameworks like Bootstrap come with dozens of CSS styles that you probably don’t need.

Benefits of Removing Unused CSS:

  • On average, about 35% of CSS code is completely unnecessary. We meticulously find and remove this unnecessary CSS code.

  • Less CSS code means less time to download your web page, and less time for a web browser to parse and display it.


✔  WebP for Image Optimization:

According to Google, WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs. WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images, typically providing 3 times smaller file sizes compared to PNG – that’s a huge improvement.

The benefits of WebP :

  • Faster Loading Times – Due to the smaller file sizes, pages with WebP images load faster. That’s a huge boost to your website.

  • Less Media Storage – WebP’s enhanced compression also means less storage space. This is crucial for sites that host a large amount of images, and could even save you money on your web hosting.


Just install our plugin today and fix all these issues which, In Turn, Boosts Your Google Page Speed and you will feel the difference right away!

We’re constantly working on new features so stay tuned for more and more on every major release :)

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