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[All In One] PDF Merger – Merge, Rotate, Organize, Delete & Preview PDF – React NextJS Web App



Merge, Rotate, Delete, Organize and Preview PDF Pages – All In One Web Application

PDF Merger is a fully-featured web application that enables you to not only merge multiple PDFs into one but also change the order of the pages, delete pages, rotate pages within the merged PDF document and see a preview of the merged file. It only takes a few seconds to merge PDF files together, regardless of file size.

PDF Merger Features:

  • Merge Multiple PDF Files
  • Fast Merging
  • Select PDF Pages
  • Rotate PDF Pages
  • Organize PDF pages.
  • Delete PDF pages.
  • PDF Viewer; display preview of the merged PDF file pages.
  • Security guaranteed; the entire process of joining PDF files happens on the client side (directly in your browser), which means no third parties can access your data.
  • Compatible All Browsers.
  • Responsive.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Google Analytics Ready.
  • Multiple languages support.
  • Maximum submitted size per file can be changed
  • About, Terms and Condition, Privacy, Contact and Error Pages.

How to Merge PDF files using PDF Merger?

  1. Drag and drop your PDFs into the PDF combiner.
  2. Rearrange individual pages or entire files in the desired order.
  3. Add more files, rotate or delete files, if needed.
  4. Click ‘Save and Download’ to combine and download your PDF.

Does PDF Merger feature require subscription to third party API?

PDF Merger feature does not require any subscription to a third party API. The process of merging PDF files is done on the client side (directly in the browser).

What is the Language/Framework Used for development?

  • JavaScript.
  • Next.js framework.(Client side only, no backend code or database is used in this app)

Available pages?

  • Main page.
  • About page.
  • Privacy page.
  • Terms and conditions page.
  • Contact Page.
  • Error Page.

Code maintenance

Source code is regularly maintained. After each update, it’s better to use the last published version of the project to guaranty code and features quality and optimization.

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