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ZoomTimeline AddOn – 3D Slider Timeline


Premium onDemand


ZoomTimeline AddOn - 3D Slider Timeline - 1

Ultimate Timeline Intro – top

Looking for a company timeline ? A shipping log ? Shipping history ? Personal History ? A cool timeline slider ? This plugin has it all. No matter the needs for a timeline, the six modes included cover all the timeline needs.

Awesome for – company timeline, time line, history, company history, shipping history, parcel track display, timeline slider.

This is a cool mode add to the popular zoomtimeline plugin.

ZoomTimeline AddOn - 3D Slider Timeline - 2


How to change color of the middle line

That can adjusted from the shortcode color_highlight attribute or from css

body .zoomtimeline.mode-3dslider .yearlist-con:after, .zoomtimeline.mode-3dslider .yearlist-con .yearlist .year figure{ background-color: #ff0000; }

Other Great Plugins

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  • fontawesome
  • preview patterns
  • Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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