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Win Wheel For WordPress


Premium onDemand



Version 2.5.0 New Important Features (13 Nov 2017)

NEW MailChimp integration, subscribe users to your list (single & double optin)
NEW Option to hide win message & send to email instead


Win Wheel For WordPress is a visitor engagement plugin, it’s main purpose is to create instant win or raffle type promotions easily. Getting new subscribers and displaying your custom win content is now a fun and easy game for your visitors, more fun means more conversions.

Benefits of using Win Wheel For WordPress

1. Win Wheel will help you capture a large email database, which will on the long run lead to new customers being acquired and generate new sales

2. Win Wheel creates a fun element to any promotion. More fun = more conversions.

3. Motivation of winning a prize will generate massive traffic to the website

Best of all: Win Wheel spins 24/7 to generate leads for you!  :D

Win Wheel is a cost effective marketing utility that any businesses can use, used properly, return-on-investment can easily be hunderdfold


– 8 customizable slices & win prizes (custom HTML supported)
– Collect email from visitor before they spin
– Configurable spin outcome
– Custom wheel graphics
– 100% server side controlled

Anti-Cheat Engine

– Spin limiter based on IP, cookies, email or phone number
– Easily set max spins per user & cool off time
– ReCAPTCHA support
– Logs all data of every spin ever

Demo is available at https://winwheel.superduper.at/


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