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“Lightweight yet Responsive Bar Graphs & Column Graphs”

Have you ever seen a very responsive Bar Graphs and Column Graphs in your Life?
If Not, Take a Look at these amazing Graphs!

Now the Best rated CSS Graphs in Charts and Graphs Category

The BEST Lightweight Fully Responsive Bar Graphs You Will Ever See!

Latest Update: Now BootStrap Compatible!

This is not a WordPress plugin my friends

What are you getting from this product?

Do you need to visualize data on you web site using bar graphs and yet at the same time need it to be fully responsive ?

Then this product is what you are looking for bar graphs that responds to any screen size.


These sets of responsive bar graphs are created using only pure CSS3 properties. The HTML structures
are carefully experimented to produce the best possible semantic structures to
accommodate full responsiveness of the bar graphs.

Visualization of data is such a very important part of information technology as it provides an easier
way to interpret information as compared to tabular data.
Including also in the product are LESS files in order for easy customizations.


18 pre-designed styles.

Horizontal Bar Graphs

  • Singular
  • Grouped
  • Stacked
  • Positive-Negative
  • Graph in Pure CSS3 Tabs
  • Graph iin Pure CSS3 Accordion

Vertical Bar Graphs

  • Singular
  • Grouped
  • Stacked
  • Positive-Negative
  • Graph in Pure CSS3 Tabs
  • Graph iin Pure CSS3 Accordion

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Change Log

Version 3.5 (July 15, 2016)
- improved BootStrap Compatibility
- improved the graphs' animations
- added 6 more pre-designed graphs (Side-by-Side, Tab, Accordion Graphs)

Version 3.0 (July 13, 2016)
- added more pre-designed graphs (tabbed graphs and side-by-side graphs)
- improved the animation (animate when the graph appear on browser's viewport option)

Version 2.4 (May 13, 2016)
- added positive-negative bar graphs

Version 2.2 (May 8, 2016)
- added rectangular 3D and rounded flat design

Version 2.0 (May 6, 2016)
- added horizontal and vertical stacked bar graphs

Version 1.5 (January 22, 2016)
- fixed some padding and margins
- added more predesigned bar graphs

Version 1.0 (January 21, 2016)
- initial release
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