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Razorpay integration with ARForms


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Razorpay with ARForms

ARForms Razorpay Payment allows you to accept ‘One time Payment’ as well as ‘Subscription Payment’ payments with super ease.

Start accepting Razorpay payments on your WordPress site in a few minutes! This is a very simple solution for users who want to simply start to sell products online quickly / contribution to your site.

Seamless integration with ARForms plugin. You can create forms with the ARForms plugin, configure it with Razorpay, and you are done! Users will be redirected to Razorpay quickly after form submission. Once payment is done, it will update the status too in form entries.

Razorpay integration with ARForms - 1

After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll be able to find the ‘Razorpay Configuration’ and ‘Razorpay Transactions’ submenu under the ‘ARForms’ Menu. You can configure new form by clicking on ‘Configure New Form’ button from the top right corner. In this configuration settings, First you need to map your form, configure the Razorpay API Keys/Secret and select the payment type and all done!

Razorpay integration with ARForms - 2
Razorpay integration with ARForms - 3

You can view each transactions from ‘Razorpay Transactions’ page under the ‘ARForms’ Menu. For subscription payments, you can also cancel the transactions from here.

Razorpay integration with ARForms - 4

Plugin Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Fast & Lightweight
  • Sandbox Facility
  • Multiple Payment Method Selection Conditionally (Product/Service and Subscription together)
  • Conditional Payment – Send to Razorpay only after defined condition becomes true
  • View and Search Transactions
  • Multi lingual
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