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Change log

2017-01-27 v1.38
  [new] ability to place text before attributes tab
  [new] Ability to move badges container after target container (use '#' instead of ':' in compatibility settings)
  [upd] js-libraries updated to newest versions

2016-11-17 v1.37
  [new] new compatibility parameter "js triggers" to start badges initialization after 3rd ajax plugins
  [upd] improved badges tooltips on product page

2016-10-24 v1.36
  [upd] php 5.4 support
  [upd] in most cases compatibility plugins not needed
  [fix] initialization of product filter widget

2016-10-19 v1.35
  [new] support for product variations for badges
  [new] add information about support
  [new] added hooks for developers
  [upd] initialisation of badges on website pages
  [upd] improver badge styles

2016-10-10 v1.34
  [new] New condition for badges (depending on the amount)
  [upd] Initialization procedures improved
  [fix] Fixed several number of notices

2016-07-26 v1.33
  [new] Unique ability to use compatibility addons
  [fix] bug with cyrillic slugs
  [fix] apply current category to presearch results

2016-07-22 v1.32
  [new] Ajax loaded search results
  [new] Defining of product container and js-triggers in name of compatibility with different themes
  [upd] Ajax side was refactored and optimised

2016-07-14 v1.31
  [new] Countdown badge type
  [new] Ability to choose floating submit position for product filter (see advanced settings)
  [fix] Enqueue media scripts in badges backend
  [fix] Creating copies of badge after creating the new one and pressing save button several times
  [fix] Text with conditions for displaying the badge

2016-07-12 v1.3
  [new] Display filter groups, badges and attributes sets depending on the current user role. This is awesome feature for playing with settings on production website
  [new] Backup&Restore settings
  [upd] Admin files optimized and classes structure refactored
  [upd] Using cache in finding attribute sets
  [fix] js-error in badges frontend script on new installs
  [fix] CSS-styles for product filter widget

2016-06-30 v1.2
  [new] awesome compatibility settings for any WordPress eCommerce themes
  [upd] finding of badges improved
  [fix] color-picker styles in badges admin settings
  [fix] finding groups in attribute tabs

2016-06-27 v1.14
  [new] Ability to show badges on sale products
  [new] Showing badges on featured products
  [new] Showing badges on new products
  [new] Defining an age while the product is new
  [upd] Badges admin page optimized
  [upd] confirmation before deleting the badge
  [fix] Action after deleting the badge

2016-06-21 v1.13
  [new] masterslider support (automatically, no settings needed)
  [new] ability to start draw badge from a new line
  [new] duplicating badges
  [upd] optimize html structure of badge content in description tab
  [upd] WPML compatible translations
  [fix] prevent appearing badge content in account page
  [fix] styles

2016-06-16 v1.12
  [new] Product filter: ability to show products count near attribute value
  [new] Badges: periodical animation
  [new] Badges: filter badges in admin settings
  [new] Badges: where to show checkboxes (category view and/or product view)
  [new] Badges: margin settings
  [new] Badges: animation preview on admin page
  [new] Badges: new position - center
  [upd] Badges: redesign of admin page
  [upd] Badges: some settings splitted for category view and product view
  [upd] Badges: new badge position selector
  [fix] Products filter: error on reset filter
  [fix] Badges: stop print empty header in description tab of product page

2016-06-14 v1.11
  [upd] Approved badges positioning
  [upd] translations and language template
  [fix] Initial values for color picker and text editors in badges tool admin page
  [new] Scaling badge image
  [new] Ability to hide not used attributes values in product filter tool
  [new] Product filter tool: number of products attribute assigned to

2016-06-10 v1.1
  [fix] Calculation of right side badges positions
  [fix] Error in attributes tab settings when attribute not selected
  [fix] Badge description hide from cart and checkout pages
  [fix] Hidden excluded products in badge settings
  [new] Ability to use image in badges

2016-06-06 v1.0
  Initial release


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