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WooCommerce Smart Pack – Gift Card, Wallet, Refund & Reward


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Compatible with WooCommerce 3.x

WooCommerce Smart Pack is a wordpress plugin which allow merchants
to implement wallet system, reward or refund customers and sell unlimited
number of gift card products on their website.
These features are grouped into four different extensions, these include Wallet Extension, Refund Extension,
Reward Extension and Gift Card Extension.
Each of these extensions can be enabled or disabled depending on what
features the merchant need on their website.

4 Extensions

Gift Card Extension

The Gift Card extension allows merchants to sell unlimited number giftcard products on their website. This extension will turn any of your WooCommerce product into gift card product

Gift Card Features

Wallet Extension

Wallet extension allows merchants to run an e-commerce wallet system. the wallet system allows customers to make an up-front funds deposit later use that funds to make item purchase on your website.

Wallet Features

Refund Extension

Refund extension allows merchants to refund their customer orders, this extenseion is fully compatible with the wallet extension.

Refund Features

Reward Extension

Reward extension allows merchants to reward customers for every purchase. Merchant can specify the amount to reward customers on every product. this extension is fully compatible with the wallet extension.

Reward Features

Translation Ready

.po and .mo files included, for easy translation

Plugin Documentation

Please visit the plugin online documentation for the full features of this plugin.


05/12/2018 version 1.3.10
- Gift Card pdf bug fix
- Gift Card email bug fix
24/11/2018 version 1.3.9
- Partial bug fix (wallet)
13/10/2018 version 1.3.8
- Order line item bug fix (gift card)
- Updated plugin translation
12/09/2018 version 1.3.7
- Updated plugin core
25/08/2018 version 1.3.6
- Order status bug fix (gift card and and wallet)
06/06/2018 version 1.3.5
- Wallet partial payment bug fix (taxes bugs)
- Wallet partial payment bug fix (others)
26/05/2018 version 1.3.4
- Giftcard form html bug fix
11/05/2018 version 1.3.3
- Giftcard form validation bug fix
18/03/2018 version 1.3.2
- Added translation file
04/03/2018 version 1.3.1
- Wallet partial payment tax bug fix
- Gift card pdf template bug fix
- Added variable product support to reward extension
04/12/2017 version 1.3.0
- Added gift card manager to the gift card extension
- Added gift card delivery option to the gift card extension
- Added gift card voucher payment method
- Wallet extension shorcodes bug fix
- Wallet admin order bug fix
29/08/2017 version 1.2.2
- Shipping methods bug fix
- Partial payment bug fix
- Order stock reduction bug fix
01/08/2017 version 1.2.1
- Added Email Template to Gift Card Extension
- Added Partial Payment box to Wallet extension (on cart page)
- Added Payment methods filter to Wallet (for partial payment)
27/07/2017 version 1.2.0
- Added Wallet funds threshold option (for partial payment)
- Added Payment methods filter (for funds deposit)
- Added Payment methods filter (for gift card products)
- Added Payment methods filter to reward extension
- Wallet extension bug fix
- Reward extension bug fix
- Gift Card extension PDF bug fix
23/07/2017 version 1.1.2
- Wallet extension bug fix
19/07/2017 version 1.1.1
- Reward extension bug fix
17/07/2017 version 1.1
- Added Gift card resend function
- Added Gift card coupon balance checker
14/07/2017 version 1.0
- Initial Release

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