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WooCommerce Product Table plugin can turn products to a beautiful user-friendly table.

Product Table extension allows listing your WooCommerce products in a searchable table layout with filters. It’s hugely popular for quick order forms, large product catalogues, restaurant order systems, wholesale layouts, price list and more.

Display items in a responsive table, generated automatically, with full control over the what’s displayed – with no coding required.


The WooCommerce product table lets you add product tables anywhere on your site. To list products in a table, simply add them to the table with the help of sortable and searchable form, select the product properties you would like to display as columns and add a table on any page via a shortcode.


WooCommerce Product Table gives you full control over the properties displayed in the table.


Product Table Key features:

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin includes over 50 features, and we’re constantly adding new ones in response to our customers’ feedback. Combine them in different ways to create unique tables listing your store’s products.

  • Instant Table navigation
  • Improve user experience with fast Filtering, Searching & Sorting options find products faster and easier.
    With the Pagination and Server-side Processing, you can list hundreds or even thousands of products in one table.

  • Any Table content
  • All product you add to WooCommerce is also available to display in a table. Use the flexible form for adding products and filter products by author, category, tag, or attribute.

    Add if you add items using the “Add automatically” option, you won’t need to edit tables: all the new products you add to your shop will be automatically added to the table according to the selected category.

    Adding products into Table

  • Product table with variations
  • The plugin fully supports variable products. Choose whether to include variation dropdowns in the add to cart column; list each variation on its own row in the table, or add a ‘Read more’ button linking to the single product page where customers can choose their variations.

  • Multi-select add to cart
  • Increase sales by allowing shoppers to add multiple products and variations to their cart directly from your product list page. Use the standard add to cart button, multi-select checkboxes, Add All to cart or all features together.

    \Any content support

    Your WooCommerce product table can include any of the following columns: Attributes, Categories, Tags, SKU, Add to cart button, Summary, Date, Price, Thumbnail, Reviews, Custom fields, and more. Select the properties to display with a click and put them in any order you like. You can change the column headings to anything you like, or remove them completely.

    Product Table for WooCommerce

  • Quantity selector
  • Show or hide the quantity picker so that customers can choose a quantity directly in the product table.


  • Product Table design and “Buy” button customization
  • Play with settings to find your own style and make your page unique with a variety of options. Match your tables with your website style: Select colours for every table element, including fonts, borders, and padding. Adjust alignments. Tailor the”Buy” button by customizing the button text, icon type, background type, size, shadow, and more.

    Product list for WooCommerce

  • Responsive mode
  • Keep the nice and proper view of your page, which is adapted to the screen dimensions and works properly on a range of any devices. 4 modes are available. Control which columns to hide when there are too many to fit on the page.

  • Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Custom Post Type UI
  • Create any custom fields for your products – image, text, video, link, button, taxonomy, map etc and display them as columns in a table and use as a custom taxonomy filter.

  • Filter by attributes, categories and custom taxonomies
  • Product Table has built-in filters for category, tags, attributes, price and custom taxonomy, which can be added like a drop-down menu above the table with single and multiple select.

  • Live preview
  • Any changes you make while building a table will be displayed in the Preview window, and you can check how the table looks on desktops, tablets, and mobile.

  • Table elements
  • Customize each element in a product table: Caption, Header, Footer, Signature, Fixed Header, Description.

  • Image size and lightbox
  • Control the size of the product image in the table. Choose whether customers can click on an image to view a bigger version in a lightbox.

  • Control the table content
  • Set the length of the product description in the table. Specify which columns are clickable to the single product page, or disable all links.





    We advise you to try the free version before purchase to make sure the plugin will work perfectly on your site. If you find our Product Table is not compatible with some common plugins. Please let us know, we will check if it is possible to make them compatible.


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