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WooCommerce Phone Verification on Checkout & SMS Order Notifications by RingCaptcha


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WooCommerce Phone Verification on Checkout & SMS Order Notifications by RingCaptcha

This plugin replaces the default phone field on your checkout page with RingCaptcha’s phone verification widget. WooCoommerce does not have phone verification by default so people can just input random phone numbers and business owners can’t verify if an order is legitimate or not.

This plugin also adds SMS order notifications to admin and customers whenever someone places an order. This is useful notifying customers for the status of your shipping, or simply just giving thank you messages. SMS order notifications are tied to each WooCommerce order status, for example an SMS is sent to a customer when you update the order to completed.


Need to get consent from users in order to be GDPR compliant? No problem! RingCaptcha now has a GDPR-compliant version of this widget.

You can enable the functionality from the plugin settings, under GDPR section. Please refer to the FAQs section for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Contact the RingCaptcha team on their site to learn more.

Why should I use this plugin?

  • I want to ensure legitimate customers (esp. for Cash on Delivery).
  • I want to minimize bots / fraudulent orders.
  • I want a real phone number tied per order.
  • I want to send SMS order notifications to my customers.
  • I want to receive SMS notifications when someone places an order.

Installation and How-to guide.

  • Click here for the video tutorial.
  • Signup for RingCaptcha here.



  • Tested up to WordPress (5.5.3) and WooCommerce (4.7.1)


  • Tested up to WordPress (5.1.1) and WooCommerce (3.5.7)


  • Fix “Internal Server” error.


  • Add GDPR-compliant phone verification widget functionality.
  • Test up to latest version of WordPress (4.9.6) and WooCommerce (3.4.3).


  • Fix ‘stuck on checkout’ problem even after successfully verifying phone number.
  • Test up to latest version of WordPress (4.9.5) and WooCommerce (3.3.5).


  • Added ‘Voice Call’ option – customers can now also request PIN with the Voice Call option.
  • Fixed bypass bug on checkout where users can bypass the phone verification if they delete RingCaptcha div tag and proceed with checkout.
  • Changed error message to be more descriptive and uniform with other WooCommerce error fields.


  • Changed admin notifications to trigger every new order instead of new payment to accommodate cash on delivery (CoD)
  • Updated Documentation and Video Tutorial
  • Minor UI changes


  • Update Ringcaptcha code to the most recent version
  • Fixed – Phone verification problem which bypass checkout without entering phone
  • Fixed – Phone number not showing in phone area
  • Improve phone verification error message now sync with the Ringcaptcha error
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress and wooCommerce


  • – Compatibility WP 4.0
  • – Add Translation POT files
  • – Fixed bug Phone Verification error when some required input is empty


  • Add new feature SMS notification for both sellers and buyers.
  • Can sent SMS directly from RC2wooCommerce dashboard
  • Fixed bug


  • Update the Javascript to be loaded in the footers area instead of directly embedded to checkout page.
  • Fixed css issue that cause verification overlapping with the WooCommerce order table


  • Creation of the plugin.


To get support simply contact here


  • RingCaptcha API
  • WordPress 3.9 +
  • WooCommerce 2.1.9 +
  • PHP 5.3 +
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