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Antes de comprar o plugin, por favor se informe mais sobre o Pagseguro Recorrente aqui: https://devs.pagseguro.uol.com.br/docs/pagamento-recorrente

Sell products and services through weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions using the PagSeguro Recorrente (Brazilian payment gateway)

  • Integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions (required)
  • Sell weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions products.
  • Integrates with Checkout Transparente.

WooCommerce Pagseguro Recorrente

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  • An account on PagSeguro
  • WooCommerce Plugin 3+ required
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin 2+ required
  • Extra Checkout Fields for Brazil Plugin required


Only works with subscription products. For one time purchases, we suggest WooCommerce Pagseguro, by Claudio Sanches.

This plugin uses the Recorrência Personalizada method and lets WooCommerce Subscriptions take care of making the calls to generate the charges on Pagseguro.

This plugin accepts one subscription purchase at a time during checkout. (The option “Allow multiple subscriptions and products to be purchased simultaneously” must be turned off on WooCommerce Subscriptions) – UPDATE: Plugin works with products and subscriptions on checkout if subscriptions are of the same recurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the accepted payment methods?

Credit card only. The plugin uses the transparent payment method, where the credit card form is embeded on your website. The client completes purchase and never leaves your website.

Who manages the subscriptions?

The plugin only works with “Plano Personalizado”, so the subscrition is managed by the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. If you create a “Automático” plan on your Pagseguro account, it will not work with the plugin .

Will plugin automatically charge the customer’s credit card each month after checkout is completed?

Yes. WooCommerce Subscriptions will create a new order on each recurring period and automatically charge Pagseguro.


Version 2.0.0
- removed check to verify preaproval during checkout. Let's WC update order via notification.
- fixed bug: initial orders not being sent to Pagseguro
- added order action to manually force intial payment
- added filter to hide birthdate, phone and cpf from credit cart form and use fields form Brazilian Market on WooCommerce plugin.
- added compatibility for updating payment method with Pagseguro.

Version 1.6.3
- allow card expiry date to be entered either as MM/AA or MM/AAAA

Version 1.6.2
- small change on how transaction code is saved

Version 1.6.1
- small compatibility changes
- improvement on how notifications are handled
- added pagseguro tracker to subscription

Version 1.6
- added senderHash and senderIP to recurring payment request.
- now using woo's get_customer_ip() function.
- improved IPN hander to avoid multiple from being processed.

Version 1.5.2
- bug: small bug in functinon that handles remote ip address.

Version 1.5.1
- bug: updated function that handles remote ip address.

Version 1.5
- added support for subscription cancellation
- better way to get visitor IP address for Pagseguro requests

Version 1.4
- added support for bimonthly, trimonthly and semiannually plans
- phone, CPF and birth date are now in the credit card form
- added support for notifications, which must be configured manually on the Pagseguro account

Version 1.3.6
- fixed bug: shipping was not being added to order
- tested plugin with products and subscriptions on checkout. Only works with subscriptions with the same recurrence.

Version 1.3.52
- modified if to prevent charge if pre-approval status is not active

Version 1.3.51
- started using wc_set_time_limit on status checks during chekout;
- reduced number of status checks to 3.

Version 1.3.5
- added sender IP to pre-approval xml;
- reduced number of status checks on pre-approvals.

Version 1.3.4
- bug fix with on-hold order.

Version 1.3.3
- updated logic to allow for free trial period, even if pre-approval is pending.

Version 1.3.2
- updated logic to allow for free trial order to be completed.

Version 1.3.1
- updated translation files

Version 1.3
- small bugs with ->id vs. ->get_id();
- added logic for dealing with pagseguro delay on activating pre-approval;
- added cron event to force payment on parent order once pre-approval is activate;

Version 1.2.1
- small changes for compatibility with WooCommerce Pagseguro from Claudio sanches.
- fixed issue with gateway appearing for purchase of products on checkout.

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All orders within the USA are shipped via UPS at the following rates (you will have the option to select your rate when placing an order):

  • Free Standard (1-5 business days) — Free (orders over $100)
  • Standard (1-5 business days) — $5.95
  • Next Day Air (1 business day) — $18.95

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