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WooCommerce for LatePoint (Payments Addon)


Premium onDemand


Latest Version: 2.0.1

Live Preview


WooCommerce for LatePoint is an addon for
LatePoint which
allows you to accept 100s of payment methods for LatePoint bookings, via WooCommerce.

With that said, WooCommerce for LatePoint is NOT a standalone plugin and
requires both LatePoint
and WooCommerce to be operable.


Read the comprehensive documentation here.


See WooCommerce for LatePoint in action by checking out the demo here.

For a comprehensive experience, please complete the booking form with a valid email address, to which you can receive order/appointment notifications.

Use the test credentials provided at checkout to pay for your order/appointment.

Extended License

Before purchasing WooCommerce for LatePoint, we implore you to review the details of the Extended License as well as the Extended License Terms.


For a history of all notable changes to WooCommerce for LatePoint, visit
the changelog.




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