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Stora is an advanced shipping plugin for WooCommerce that gives you the freedom to create your own shipping zones, multiple store locations and custom shipping methods for each of them.

You can easily controll who can order from your store, limit the order hours and set custom shipping charges based on zone, radius and driving distance. You can even combine features like charging flat rate + fee for driving distance per kilometer/mile, but only if it falls into a certain radius from your store. The plugin also allows you to create different stores on a single WooCommerce installation, have different products in different stores and assign a store (branch manager) to manage orders and receive new orders push notifications.

Delivery Areas

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You can create your precise delivery areas by drawing directly on Google Maps. That gives you the opportunity to be so precise that you can serve one side of the street, while the other one is outside your service area if needed. Of course that’s an extreme edge case, just to give you an example of what can be achieved.

There is no limit in the number of the zones, so you can create as many as you wish inside a city, country or the entire world. Zones can even overlap and your customers will always be charged by the lowest cost for their area.

Address Confirmation Popup

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This feature gives you the possibility to check if the client’s address falls within your service area before they can order. Users can fill their address or allow Google to geolocate them automatically. After that they would be presented with the option to choose from branch/es serving their area or the branches they can choose for local pickup of their goods.

Branch Locations – Multi Store

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The Stora plugin allows you to create multiple (unlimited) branch locations. This way you can show your customers the nearest branch and allow them to order only there.

Not only you can set differetn shipping rules and methods for each of your branches, but you will also be able to set different products for different branches. When the user confirms their location and selects a branch, the entire shop will show them only products available in the chosen branch. This feature is extremely helpfull in different industries (e.g. the food industry) when you have multiple locations wich offer different products.

Order Hours

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This feature allows you to set working hours for your store and limit orders outside the working time. You can set the order hours for each day of the week, set holidays, display a message with countdown (optional) when the store is closed and override the currently set options if needed.

Delivery / Pickup Date Time picker

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Depending on your business model, you can give your customers the option (or even require) to specify date and time for delivery or local pickup. This feature is closely tied up with the Order Hours functionality. If you have Order Hours enabled, the date and time pickers will be synchronized with your working time and you’d only need to specify the interval for time slots and how many days ahead your buyer can make an order.

New Order Push Notifications

Stora - Advanced Shipping Options & Multi-Branch Kit for WooCommerce - 9

Another unique feature is the instant push notification popup with sound alert for new orders. It works accross all browsers on Dekstop and Chrome on Android, so you never miss a new order and your clients will be served as soon as possible.

All Plugin Features

  • Draw custom shipping zones on map
  • Set radius restrictions
  • Charge for delivery by flat rate, driving distance or combined
  • Check customer location before order popup
  • Custom Local Pickup feature
  • Pinpoint delivery address on map
  • Unlimited branches (stores)
  • Products per branch (store)
  • Assign user as Branch manager
  • New Order Push Notifications
  • Order Hours (working time) – general and per branch
  • Date and Time picker for delivery integrated with Order Hours
  • Limit orders outside working time
  • Set holidays
  • Show countdown until open again
  • Minimum order amount
  • Custom notice for minimum order amount
  • WP Bakery Page Builder Shortcode for Shipping Areas
  • Elementor widget for Shipping Areas
  • WPML ready
  • 100% translatable


v.1.3.1 – 25.05.2022

- Fix: Partial address processing in Location Confirmation popup
- Tweak: Minor CSS and JS performance improvements

v.1.3.0 – 01.04.2022

- Added:  Option to allow entering partial addresses in the popup for areas where Google can't resolve the full address. The users will be able to enter the site and can precise their exact location at checkout.

v.1.2.0 – 30.03.2022

- Fix: When select box is used in popup on pickup not showing all branches
- Fix: Minimum amount notice now shows only for methods which comply with the restrictions
- Fix: Clearing the woocommerce shipping rate session
- Fix: Minimum amount js check, now convert to float first

v.1.1.0 – 21.03.2022

- Added: Mapped "Shipping Areas" shortcode to Elementor widget
- Tweak: Greatly Improved Google Maps to WooCommerce checkout address maping
- Tweak: Default checkout address values replaced with setting customer address values directly in session
- Fix: Auto pickup address now picks only "rooftop" addresses, which have all the address components
- Fix Firefox not showing selected values on checkout form

v.1.0.0 – 03.03.2022

Initial Release

Stora - Advanced Shipping Options & Multi-Branch Kit for WooCommerce - 10Stora - Advanced Shipping Options & Multi-Branch Kit for WooCommerce - 11

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All orders within the USA are shipped via UPS at the following rates (you will have the option to select your rate when placing an order):

  • Free Standard (1-5 business days) — Free (orders over $100)
  • Standard (1-5 business days) — $5.95
  • Next Day Air (1 business day) — $18.95

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