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Responsive HTML5 audio player for wordpress. Using admin create unlimited number of playlists and players. Playlists can be mixed with any kind of music type (mp3, podcast, soundcloud etc…) Using shortcodes place multiple instances of audio player in post, page, sidebar or theme. Shortcode generator in post/page edit area (shortcodes for including player and player API available).

Multiple players in page supported!

Quick usage (getting the player in the post)
1. Create playlist
2. Create player
3. In post edit area use Shortcode Creator to generate player shortcode
(click the image to see quick demo)


  • Shortcode generator in post/page edit area (shortcodes for including player and player API available).
  • Option to use only mp3 format available.
  • FLASH fallback included for older browsers that dont support HTML5 audio.
  • Playlist options available
    • XML playlist (xml examples included)
    • DATABASE playlist (sql examples included)
    • Auto create playlist from folder of mp3 files (plus optional ID3 tags)
    • Podcasts
    • SoundCloud (track set, user tracks, single track, user favorites, user groups)
    • Inline text/image links
    • mixed playlists
  • Optional ID3 tags for songs loaded from folder
  • Mix different music types together into single playlist
  • optional song download for every individual playlist item
  • download backup for IOS (send download link to email)
  • Uninterrupted audio playback across web pages (popup player is a separate window and browse your website while listening to music without interuptions!
  • Multiple popup windows supported
  • optional auto open player in popup supported
  • switch between player in normal window and in popup window while keeping player settings like current playlist, active item, volume etc..
  • powerful API included.
  • load playlist / add track to playlist / play track from playlist on run-time
  • Include multiple instances on the same page.
  • Multiple instances automatically pause/stop playback when new sound is started.
  • Optional playlist scroll.
  • optional sortable playlist items
  • Optional playlist item link to url
  • Optional song artwork (auto generated audio thumbnails).
  • optional keyboard events for audio navigation
  • API methods available
    • Play audio
    • Pause audio
    • Toggle audio (play/pause)
    • Stop audio (unload)
    • Next audio
    • Previous audio
    • Load audio
    • Load playlist
    • Add visible/hidden track(s) to current playlist
    • Remove visible/hidden track(s) from current playlist
    • Input audio (play sound without creating any kind of playlist data)
    • Toggle shuffle
    • Toggle loop
    • Toggle playlist
    • Open popup
    • Destroy audio
    • Destroy playlist
    • Check scroll
    • Reinitialize scroll
    • Get/set volume
    • Get/set autoplay
    • Get/set title
    • Get thumbnail
    • Get Setup Done
    • get Playlist Transition
    • Get Playlist Loaded
    • Get Media Playing
    • get Audio inited
    • Get Media type
    • Get Active item
    • get Playlist item(s)
    • get Playlist hidden
    • get Playlist list
    • Get Media count
    • Get Playlist data
    • Get Sound ID
    • Playlist items ordering methods
      • Reverse playlist items
      • Randomise playlist items
      • Remap playlist items from array
      • Swap two playlist items position
  • API Callbacks
    • Setup Done
    • Playlist Loaded
    • Playlist End
    • Sound Play
    • Sound Pause
    • Sound Start
    • Sound End
    • Playlist Item Triggered
    • playlist Item Enabled
    • playlist Item Disabled
    • Playlist Item Rollover
    • playlist Item Rollout
    • on Playlist Empty
    • on Drop Receive


1. SoundCloud requires API key (make sure you have one or that you can obtain it from SoundCloud)

2. Player can read different kinds of RSS / Feed Podcasts but we cannot guarantee it can read all of them. Therefore if you are unsure if your Podcast can be read in our player, please provide us with a url link to your Podcast before purchase and we will check if its compatible.


Updates / Changelog

UPDATE 3.21 [2.10.2019]

  • [UPDATE] small code improvements

VERSION 3.2 [28.9.2018]

  • [UPDATE] small code improvements

UPDATE 3.17 [7.4.2018]

  • [FIX] pause icon not showing

UPDATE 3.16 [17.2.2018]

  • [FIX] iPhone download email link keyboard not shown

UPDATE 3.15 [27.12.2017]

  • [UPDATE] Updated reading of mp3 files from folder and XML (mp3 files and xml are now read from wordpress uploads directory)

UPDATE 3.1 [3.4.2017]

  • [UPDATE] Soundcloud tracks now have artist displayed in titles

UPDATE 3.05 [26.3.2017]

  • [FIX] fixed Soundcloud tracks loaded from https

UPDATE 3.00 [13.3.2017]

  • [UPDATE] some code improvements and upgrades
  • [UPDATE] ofm api and youtube api has been removed

UPDATE 2.65 [13.12.2016]

  • [UPDATE] updated song download

UPDATE 2.6 [27.9.2016]

  • [UPDATE] update compatibility with jquery 3


version 2.41

  • updated podcast parsing


version 2.40

  • html5 audio code is now hidden preventing users from downloading audio
  • fixed bug with ios 9 playback


version 2.37

  • updated parsing


version 2.36

  • update to Youtube api V3


version 2.35

  • Fixed quote issues if quotes were used in file names.


version 2.35

  • font awesome enqueue from bootstrap


  • fixed soundcloud favorites


  • fixed bug with youtube volume


version 2.30

  • updated admin area (added detailed player setup: dimensions, colors etc)


version 2.08

  • Multiple players in same page with direct link to tracks are now possible without creating each player in admin individually


version 2.06

  • New shortcodes for adding player in the page with track(s)


version 2.05

  • updated script to remember opened popup windows (with localStorage) if placed in sidebar, footer etc…


version 2.04

  • fixed bug with song titles with apostrophes
  • fixed bug with auto open playlist false


version 2.03

  • fixed bug with css file being overwritten on page reload


version 2.02

  • fixed bug with embedding multiple players with the same skin in the same page


version 2.01

  • removed spacing from js_markup javascript code which was producing p tags in wordpress
  • fixed id3 reader check on thumbnail
  • playlist preloader now visible on first playlist load

Last update 9.3.2014

version 2.0

  • meta box shortcode generator for player and player api in post/page
  • new shortcodes for adding tracks on the fly (ex. add podcast link [ap_hap track=”link/to/podcast”])
  • new shortcodes for player api, add songs on run-time, load playlists on run-time… etc (ex. add playback toggle button [ap_hap_toggle id=”0”], load playlist [ap_hap_loadplaylist id=”0” track_id=”0”], enqueue track from post [ap_hap_loadaudio id=”0” track_id=”0”] etc…)


version 1.05

  • fixed folder path (auto read files from folders)
  • download now works with spaces in file names
  • added sorting of songs in playlist when process-Playlist-On-Player-Load = true (copies sort type from the admin)


version 1.04

  • removed Overwrite-Css-On-Player-Load
  • player settings javascript file is now added using wp_enqueue_script
  • fixed checkLimit empty field in playlist.js
  • html5audio_default.css enqueue moved to player_markup.php


version 1.03

  • removed onbeforeunload event in popup html file


version 1.02

  • fixed bug with popup css url
  • title replaced with id in active playlist selector in playlist manager.


version 1.0

  • first release

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