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Your transactional emails don’t have to be so bland anymore. EasyMail Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce allows you to customize your transactional email templates and create beautiful, professional looking emails that keep customers impressed – even post-purchase.

An easy-to-use email customizer plugin for WooCommerce, EasyMail – WooCommerce Email Template Customizer takes the hard work out of email design. Its simple drag and drop interface make it easy for anyone to use it – no coding skills required!

Above everything else, EasyMail Email Template Customizer Plugin for WooCommerce gives you more control over the template design as compared to other plugins. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, EasyMail offers unlimited design possibilities to build what you’re dreaming.

EasyMail Featrues – WooCommerce Email Template Customizer

Key Features of EasyMail – WooCommerce Email Template Customizer

Multitude of Design Blocks

Customize WooCommerce transactional email templates and design them using a multitude of design blocks including layout and content blocks with styling options for each block you add.

Drag and drop design interface

Designing emails with EasyMail – WooCommerce Email Template Customizer is as simple as dragging and dropping. Simply drag the elements from the menu and drop them on the template. Add content and customize the font and colors and you’re good to go! No coding skills required. It literally takes a few minutes to design your email templates.

Send Test Emails

A huge part of maintaining a website is testing that everything is fine. EasyMail email customizer plugin for WooCommerce knows that. And so, it has made it easy to send test emails and see there are no glitches anywhere. It allows you to Send test emails right from the interface – no need to test it by placing a test order. Just click a button and receive a test email to see how it looks.

Live Preview of Changes

The ability to preview your email on desktop and mobile devices is an extremely handy tool that saves a ton of time. You no longer have to send test emails just to check how your emails are looking. Toggle between preview displays and ensure all is fine before sending a test email. Desktop and mobile previews to ensure everything is formatted correctly

Regularly Maintained and Updated

Developed by XfinitySoft, EasyMail is backed by an awesome development team that actively maintains the code and pushes regular updates to build its compatibility with other popular plugins and latest versions of WordPress.

Design mobile responsive templates

The email template customizer plugin lets you design mobile responsive templates that look great on every device. The group and column blocks give you control over how the email looks on mobile. Columns stack up on each other on mobile while anything inside a group stays side by side.

Customize all Default WooCommerce Transactional Emails with EasyMail Email Template Customizer

EasyMail – WooCommerce Email Template Customizer lets you customize all the different transactional WooCommerce emails sent. The following templates can be customized with the EasyMail plugin.

  • New Order: The email sent when a customer places a new order.
  • Canceled Order: The email sent when a customer cancels the order.
  • Failed Order: This email is sent when the order fails for some reason.
  • Order On-hold: The email sent when the order is on hold.
  • Processing Order: The email for updating the customer about processing orders.
  • Completed Order: The email for updating the customer about completed orders.
  • Fully Refunded Order: When an order is fully refunded, this email is sent.
  • Partial Refunded Order: The email sent when an order is partially refunded.
  • Customer Invoice Paid: When a customer pays his dues, this email is sent.
  • Customer Invoice Unpaid: This email is sent when customer invoices are still unpaid.
  • Customer Note: Whenever a note is added to the order, this email is sent.
  • Reset Password: The reset password email.
  • New Account: The email used to greet and welcome the customer on creating a new account.

Customize WooCommerce Emails with Multitude of Design and Content Blocks

Content is king, no doubt. But in today’s digital era when attention spans are reducing and email inboxes are overflowing with brands fighting for attention, content comes next to design. You need to hook someone with great design to make them pay attention to your copy.

The following design features in EasyMail – WooCommerce Email Template Customizer gives you unlimited design possibilities:

Layout blocks

  • Wrapper: Wrapper enables you to wrap multiple sections together. It’s especially useful to achieve nested layouts with shared border or background images across sections.
  • Section: Sections are intended to be used as rows within your email. They will be used to structure the layout. Sections cannot nest in sections.
  • Column: Columns enable you to organize the content within your sections. They must be located under “Section” block. To be responsive, columns are expressed in terms of percentage. Every single column has to contain something because they are responsive containers, and will be vertically stacked on a mobile view.
  • Group: Group is similar to column but they don’t stack up on mobile..When columns are wrapped inside a column block, they stay side by side on mobile.

Content Blocks

  • Text: This block allows you to display text in your email.
  • Image: Displays a responsive image in your email. It is similar to the HTML <img /> tag.
  • Buttons: Displays a customizable button.
  • Navbar: Displays a menu for navigation with an optional hamburger mode for mobile devices.
  • Spacer: Displays a blank space with different options of widths, like a spacer of 10px, 20px, and even 100px.
  • Divider: Displays a horizontal divider that can be customized like a HTML border. Options include solid, dashed, and dotted.
  • Accordion: Accordion is an interactive component to stack content in tabs, so the information is collapsed and only the titles are visible. Readers can interact by clicking on the tabs to reveal the content, providing a great experience on mobile devices where space is scarce.
  • Carousel: This block displays a gallery of images or “carousel”. Readers can interact by hovering and clicking on thumbnails depending on the email client they use.
  • Social: Displays calls-to-action for various social networks with their associated logo.
  • Hero Image: This block displays a hero image with content and buttons placed on it. It behaves like a ‘section’ with a single ‘column’ and hence, can’t be nested inside another section.

Dynamic WooCommerce Blocks

  • Recommended Products: A block that displays recommended products to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Billing Address: A dynamic block that inserts the full billing address in the email.
  • Shipping Address: A dynamic block that inserts the full shipping address in the email.
  • Order Detail: Inserts full order detail in the email.
  • Order Total: Inserts the order total of the customer the email is sent to.
  • Order Subtotal: Inserts the order subtotal of the customer the email is sent to.

Display Dynamic Data with Shortcodes

EasyMail email customizer plugin for WooCommerce gives you a lengthy list of shortcodes to use in your email designs to personalize the messaging. These shortcodes display dynamic data about the recipient. For example, shortcodes for customer name, site name, User name, Password, my account URL all get replaced by real user/order data when an email is sent to a customer.

Change Logs

1.0.1 – 10 May, 2022

- Fix: Issues related to backend of email editor
- Improve: Speed for loading Emails Editor
- Add: Support pages for plugin 

1.0.0 – 03 April, 2022

- Initial Version
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All orders within the USA are shipped via UPS at the following rates (you will have the option to select your rate when placing an order):

  • Free Standard (1-5 business days) — Free (orders over $100)
  • Standard (1-5 business days) — $5.95
  • Next Day Air (1 business day) — $18.95

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