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Compare Products with WooCommerce


Premium onDemand


Comparison Table Example
Categories Settings
Types of Features

Add additional features to your products and compare them against other items side by side in a clean, organized table using the plugin Compare Products for WooCommerce. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, add, modify, or delete a category or product feature, all without leaving the settings page. Features can also be displayed in a separate tab on the products page, or any page for that matter using a shortcode.


  • Custom define the categories and features in each table
  • Custom define which compare group each product belongs in
  • Drag and drop interface allows easy sorting
  • Add, delete, and save without refreshing the page
  • Add the WooCommerce attributes you have already created, or a product specific settings such as:
    • Price
    • Weight
    • Width
    • Height
    • Length
    • Dimensions
    • Stock Status
  • Custom features as a secondary source of information with different input types including:
    • Text (supports data HTML tags)
    • Textarea (supports data HTML tags)
    • Boolean
    • Select
    • Checkbox
  • Change where the ‘Add to Compare’ checkbox appears
  • Show a preview basket of selected items in a floating box at the bottom of the browser, or inline your webpage before or after the product list
  • Show Compare Table on a page in your website or via popup window
  • Option to show only the rows of the compare table with differences
  • Responsive compare table enhanced for smaller devices or wider compare tables
  • Widget to display selected compare items
  • Display table horizontally or vertically
  • Control how many items and their preview thumbnail size from the settings page
  • Hide this ability on smaller devices
  • Show list of feature as a tab on the single product page


2.0.1 - 2018-03-02
    - Added: New field for managing thumbnail width. Helpful when translating 'Remove' link
    - Fixed: Delete button on comparison page did not function
    - Fixed: Various styling issues with floating compare basket
    - Fixed: Update checkbox and compare basket when item is removed from pop-up compare basket
    - Enhanced: Converted image 'x' delete button to text

2.0 - 2017-09-13
    - Added: New scrolling div compare basket location
    - Added: New WooCommerce product settings: Price, Weight, Width, Height, Length, Dimensions, Stock Status
    - Added: Ability to edit Category and Sub-category titles
    - Added: Differences only filter for comparison table
    - Added: Ability to hide sub-categories from customer view in the comparison table
    - Added: Allowed HTML tags can be used in product fields for custom features
    - Added: Display comparison table vertically with features on top and products to the left
    - Enhanced: Enhanced speed for more efficient operations
    - Enhanced: Uses new WooCommerce 3.0 functions
    - Enhanced: Made tables more responsive for better view on smaller devices
    - Fixed: Add feature popup window would lock after adding a feature to the table
    - Fixed: Disabling the compare feature did not hide comparison buttons and preview box
    - Fixed: Clear All button not working until page reloads
    - Fixed: Deleted attributes caused duplicate rows to appear in compare table
    - Fixed: Unable to delete single items from the compare table

For a complete list of changes, view the full version log.


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