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ChatBot AddOn for WooCommerce

This ChatBot addon plugin adds extra Woocommerce related features to the popular ChatBot for WordPress – WPBot plugin. Increase your store Sales perceptibly. Shoppers can converse fluidly with the ChatBot – thanks to its Integration with Google’s Natural Language Processing (AI and NLP) through Dialogflow, Search and Add products to the cart directly from the chat interface and get Support.

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NOTE: WPBot is required for this woocommerce addon to work.

The Onsite Retargeting helps your Conversion rate optimization by showing your special offers and coupons on Exit Intent, time interval or page scroll down inside the chatbot window. Get rid of those other Exit Intent popups with a chatbot that talks directly with the shopper. Reduce Abandoned Cart by showing timely messages with the Chat Bot! Track Customer Conversions with statistics and reporting to find out if shoppers are abandoning carts without completing orders. Increase your sales!

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Shoppers can converse with the Intelligent Chat Bot, view and Add products to cart directly from the chat interface or send you valuable customer feedback and support request. This ChatBot addon also provides FAQ Support, eMail user query, Quick Cart, Order Status, Recently Viewed Products, ShortCode for landing page, Integrated Facebook Messenger Live chat, Onsite Customer Retargeting, Exit Intent pop up with ChatBot, and more features like checkout reminders to cut down on shopper cart abandonment!

Conversational commerce is the future of eCommerce. Enter WoPBot: a new way of customer interaction that allows brands to connect with their customers on a personal level while creating a more natural interaction that mimics the physical world. 24/7/365 WPBot can provide Intelligent Live Chat service for your shoppers and provide product search services, order status, and support. Increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs to scale, and improve the ability to engage customers.

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How Can the ChatBot Increase Your Sales?

Besides intelligent chat, search and help features This ChatBot addon can increase your store sales up to 25% with its smart retargeting messages and reducing abandoned carts. You can also create special offer messages for time interval or page scroll down inside the chatbot window.
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WPBot Woocommerce Addon Features

Personalized, 24/7 Shopping Bot

A personalized welcome goes a long way to light up one’s day. WPBot greets each person with a warm welcome and remembers previous chats. It helps the shopper find the perfect product s/he has been looking for. What is worse than not having a live chat on your eCommerce website? It is getting a “No one is Available to Chat” message. WPBot is always there to find products and to help.

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Plug and Play Bot

Sure, there are other chatbot alternatives like Facebook messenger bots. But they require complex training and integration. WPBot is truly plug n’ play. If your store is in English language – you can simply Install the ChatBot and you are ready to go. For other languages – you can change all the bot responses. But that’s it! In addition, it comes with tons of extra features for power users to fine-tune the bot’s personality!

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Onsite Retargeting, Remarketing, Conversion Optimization, Exit Intent

Recover up to 25% of Abandoning Visitors with Onsite Retargeting. This ChatBot addon detects exiting Visitors and displays a targeted offer to your visitor determined by you. Up to 25% of retargeted visitors will respond to your message and turn into subscribers or customers. Targeted offers can be a coupon code, free ebook etc. Reduce your cart abandonment rate and recapture sales by setting perfectly timed messages that offer a discount or free shipping to keep your shoppers moving towards checkout.
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Use onsite retargeting to redirect visitors towards the desired conversion goal or landing page. You can direct abandoning visitors to some of your most popular content or hot-selling product to keep them on your site and improve your quality score.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Increase Sales

In addition to exit intent and remarketing offers, WPBot can remind users to complete the checkout process when shoppers have products in the cart but they are not completing the order for some reason. Many shoppers add products to the cart but leave the site from other pages, after continuing to browse, before or after they reached the cart page.

This ChatBot addon will remind shoppers to complete the order process if they have products in the cart but not completing the checkout for a certain period of time while on your website. Maybe, they are browsing other websites in different windows or tabs. A gentle reminder from the bot will work wonders in such cases.

If a user leaves the site and later comes back – This ChatBot addon will remind the shopper with a custom message to complete the order!

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All of these will translate into a much higher rate of customer conversion by reducing the potentials for Abandoned Cart.

Customer Conversion Rate Tracking

Track if your customers are abandoning carts. Conversion Report and Statistics that show how many shoppers are adding products to the cart, how many have reached the checkout page and how many actually completed the order process. Very helpful to take necessary action in reducing abandoned cart. Combine this WooCommerce Conversion Tracking report with the retargeting features to increase your sales by up to 25%!

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Advanced Product Search & Display

This ChatBot addon provides advanced product search through special database indexing which allows searching through product category, tags and additional WooCommerce fields. This allows for faster and more accurate search results. Products can be added to cart directly from the chat interface.

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In-Chat Support and Contact

WPBot provides support directly from the Chat window. You can add commonly asked questions (FAQ) and answers in the backend that WPBot will display when user goes to support area. If the shopper does not find answers to his question in the FAQ, he can opt to send an email to site admin by chatting!

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Newsletter Subscription

WPBot can prompt User for eMail subscription. Link this with your Retargeting ChatBot window popup and a special offer. People can register their email address that you can later export! GDPR compliant with unsubscribe command option from the ChatBot!
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Call Me Back

The Call Me Back feature of this chat bot lets you get call requests from your customers. The call request will be emailed to the admin. This great feature allows you to collect prospective shoppers’ phone numbers and allows you to call them back at your conveniences.

Collect Customer Feedback

Shoppers can quickly select a Send Feedback option and email about their shopping experience on your website. Collect Customer Feedback and improve your eCommerce website with the WPBot ChatBot.

Order Status

Customers can get their order status directly from the chat window. This ChatBot addon logs a user in on the chat window and shows last 10 order statuses automatically.

ShortCode for Page

Load WPBot on a page itself with shortcode. With this feature, you can create a single landing page for shoppers to add your products to cart and check out!

ChatBot for WooCommerce - 16

In addition to advanced product search This ChatBot addon can show Featured and On Sale products to the shoppers. The bird’s eye view helps you sell more products from your website.

Floating Cart, Quick Cart & Recently Viewed Products

This ChatBot addon shows floating quick Cart from any page on your website with the number of products added to cart even when the chat window is not open. Also, shows recently viewed products for easy reference for the shopper.
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Language Support

You can use the ChatBot in any language. Every Chat Bot response and system text displayed on the chat window can be edited from the ChatBot back end easily and quickly. WPBot also supports RTL!

Catalog Mode – hide add to cart button

Hide add to cart buttons and let the ChatBot only to search and display your WooCommerce products and provide support, FAQ etc.

ChatBot for WooCommerce Features

  • Many useful, built in features
  • Woocommerce Product Search
  • Show or hide cart item number
  • Product display order by and sorting options
  • Option to Show Only Parent Categories with or without Sub Category list.
  • Option to display order status with or without logging in
  • Option to exclude out of stock products from search results
  • Show recently viewed products for easy reference to the shopper
  • Show featured products until shopper has viewed products
  • Quick Cart view
  • Quick access to Support
  • Display product details in-chat – complete with images, add to cart option and support for multiple images
  • Option to open product details in single page instead of Bot window
  • Onsite retargeting and remarketing to increase customer conversion rate and increase sales!
  • Show retargeting messages for customer on Exit Intent, After Scrolling Down “X” Percent, Or after “X” seconds.
  • Custom Background color for retargeting messages.
  • Checkout reminder on set time interval to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Checkout reminder for returning shopper who has products on the cart.
  • Option to hide support and other icons from the ChatBot footer
  • Customer Conversion Reporting with Charts and Graphs
  • Shopper Conversion Statistics by Day, Week, Month and Custom Date Range

Upcoming Feature

The plugin is under active development. We want to work with you as we expand the plugin features so it becomes truly useful to you. If you have any feature request, let us know in the comments. We will try our very best to accommodate all reasonable feature requests.

Why WPBot Pro?

  • Developed by a company with 15+ years of experience. You can rely on us
  • Always up to date and under active development for new features
  • Extended documentation
  • Easy and Flawless Setup
  • Fully Responsive Templates
  • Unique Features
  • Quick, Reliable, No-nonsense and Friendly One-on-One Support

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Version History

=== 1.0.4 ======
# Inception

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All orders within the USA are shipped via UPS at the following rates (you will have the option to select your rate when placing an order):

  • Free Standard (1-5 business days) — Free (orders over $100)
  • Standard (1-5 business days) — $5.95
  • Next Day Air (1 business day) — $18.95

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