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Active eCommerce Auction Add-on


Premium onDemand



Note: Auction isn’t an independent system. This Auction is available only for Active eCommerce CMS. If you do not purchase Active eCommerce CMS yet then click here for purchasing

Note: After activating this addon auction system will be available.

Purchase today! & use Auction Addon for your eCommerce business which is only developed with the most efficient eCommerce CMS named Active eCommerce CMS. This addon provides auction functionality for ecommerce CMS where admin can create auction products for bidding. Customers can bid for auction products in a specific time period and after that a winner is selected based on bid amount.

How does it work?

  • Active eCommerce CMS should be pre-installed in your server
  • Purchase Auction Addon for Active eCommerce CMS from codecanyon
  • Download and install the addon to your Active eCommerce CMS addon manager
  • It’s done!

Active eCommerce Auction Add-on - 1

Active eCommerce Auction Add-on - 2

Active eCommerce Auction Add-on - 3

Active eCommerce Auction Add-on - 4

version : 1.3 (18/04/2022)

- Enable/Disable option for sellers auction products

version : 1.2

- Enable/Disable option for sellers auction products

version : 1.1

- auction products option for sellers

version : 1.0

- Initial release
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