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Managing employees, their availability, shifts, leaves, and rates could become quite overwhelming, especially when you have multiple locations to cater to. Well no more. With RotaGo, from managing employee details to assigning them shifts and leaves, you can do the needful from one place

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Login as Employee : / 123456

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What to expect from RotaGo SaaS – Staff Scheduling Tool

  • Easy to assign employee based on availability preferences
  • Easy to calculate costs as you get to manage default and custom role wise rates
  • Perfectly suitable when you have multiple locations and numerous employees to assign shifts to
  • Extremely feasible management of rotas
  • Effective leave management and embargoes for smooth work flow
  • Detailed insightful reports to take timely decisions
  • Download reports on the go
  • Available in multiple languages. It thereby facilitates global usability

Salient features of RotaGo SaaS – Staff Scheduling Tool

Create plans and make payment- a special SAAS feature

With a super admin login, create plans that are most feasible for your business model. Select an appropriate pricing and duration for created plan. Make payment using stripe and paypal payment gateway. The plan would be disabled if not renewed after its expiry.

Company settings

Employee databank

Manage every minute detail of an employee through this tab. From personal details to employee details, manage each aspect of basic information here. Employee details include employment type, holiday allowance based on days and hours, weekly hours, and working duration. Additionally, you can assign the roles and location of that particular employee from here.

Further, assign the wages and salary of any particular employee by setting their default and role wise custom rates. Lastly, determine their working and off days through this tab.


Create locations and assign concerned employees to specific locations


Create roles, color for that role, assign employees, and their default breaks within this setting.

The amalgamated result of all these features can be viewed in a list form within employees’ head page in a dashboard form. You can also get an overview of the current month and the total of employees, rotas, and leaves in a tabular form.

Management of Rotas

In a calendar form, you can view assigned rotas to individual employees for any given week. Choose the concerned location and filter the rotas based on availability, leave, and day-offs. Clear the week in case of rescheduling. Edit existing shifts quite easily.
By placing a pointer over an employee’s name, you can get an overview of contracted hours, hours of work assigned, and hourly cost calculations.

Manage leaves

View complete data of assigned holidays, used and remaining leaves of any particular employee. Get pop up notification for leave requests that have pending action. Moreover, you can also add employee leaves from your end. Since shift timings of employees would vary, you can select whether to calculate leaves on total record hours or daily hours. Further, create embargoes which means restricting leaves on certain days for certain employees.

Manage availability

Add availability pattern of users by simply dragging the cursor through the timeline. Assign the start and end date, with an option to repeat this pattern every week, fortnightly, or monthly. You can also edit the existing availability pattern of a user as and when required.

Detailed insightful reports

Get numerous insightful reports based on two general categories, Hours & costs and Timeoff and cover. You can generate detailed reports by specifically choosing a user assigned to a specific location and role on any particular date

Comprehensive dashboard

The dashboard would offer a monthly calendar view with general details about assigned users and costs incurred on any given day at a specific location. You can filter the details by selecting specific roles or all, based on your needs.


Dashboard settings

Manage rota settings as in what aspect of rotas would be accessible to employees. Select the start day of the week and time format. Lastly, you can choose whether or not employees can set their own availability preferences.

The site and email settings

All site related settings as in logo, title and footer texts, default languages, and mail-related settings can be adjusted from here. From brand logo to permissions and default settings, control every aspect of this tool from here.

Who can use it

  • Hospitals, medical & care providers
  • Bars, restaurants & cafes
  • Gyms & fitness centres
  • Retail stores & supermarkets
  • Charities, non-profits & volunteers
  • Cinemas, theatres & live events
  • Call centres & support staff
  • Schools & universities
  • Emergency workers & first responders
  • Hospitality, hotels & events
  • Changelog

    Here you can see what updates came out and did we bring new to the version. Check Changelog


    Please send support request here for any issues, questions or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in comments section.

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    All orders within the USA are shipped via UPS at the following rates (you will have the option to select your rate when placing an order):

    • Free Standard (1-5 business days) — Free (orders over $100)
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