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MailWizz EMA integration with TheChecker.co


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MailWizz EMA integration with TheChecker.co

Clean integration with TheChecker.co for your MailWizz EMA powered application!
Once this extension is installed and enabled, your customers will be able to add their own credentials and select the areas where they need to verify the emails, for example they can decide to only check emails that are imported in their lists.
Please note that by customers we assume anyone that can login in the customers area of the app, so it can be just you, or if you use the app as a SAAS platform, your customers.

INSTALL in a few easy steps

– Login in the backend of your MailWizz EMA powered website and navigate to Extend menu then click the Extensions link.
– Hit the upload button and select the extension archive and upload it.
– Enable the extension and decide which customers can use it.

CONFIGURE the extension (after the above steps)

– Once the extension has been enabled, your customers will be able to insert their credentials and setup the extension for their own use case.
– Please note that your customers will need to have their own account with TheChecker.co.


This extension requires MailWizz EMA >=


Please address any question, support ticket or any other query by using your mailwizz customer account.
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