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LeadGo is a Lead management tool for maintaining precision in managing of multiple leads. Using this proficient tool you could manage the visibility of your leads across various stages in the pipeline. It guarantees improved efficiency with an ease in allocating multiple resources to various leads simultaneously. With a SAAS version create plans using a super admin login.

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Url : Demo Link
Super Admin : superadmin@example.com / 1234
Owner : owner@example.com / 1234
User : john@example.com / 123456789

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What to expect from LeadGo SaaS – Lead Management Tool

  • An effective dashboard to get an overview on required information
  • An ease in adding payments and products on an invoice
  • Convert Lead into Deal
  • Restriction on client and user permissions. Assigning role to users and managing their permission through multiple modules
  • Availability in multiple languages makes it a tool accessible on global platforms
  • Accessible by multiple users and clients
  • Managing various pipelines and its stages to understand the true standing of a deals and leads
  • Kanban board management for managing progress of deals and leads
  • Calendars and notes to keep a tab on important matters
  • Facilitates label creation and product addition
  • Your client can pay invoice via Paypal and Stripe based on your setting
  • Customization of field setup for deals, products, users and clients
  • Add currencies according to requirement as well as company profile setting for invoice purpose
  • 10 attractive pdf templates and a colour palette to customise your invoice
  • Get your payments done with stripe and paypal payment gateway while user purchasing plan with recurring payment option

Salient features of an LeadGo SaaS – Lead Management Tool

Create plans and get payment- a special SAAS feature

With a super admin login, create plans that are most feasible for your business model. Select an appropriate pricing and duration for created plan. You can allot user, client and maximum number of deals. Get payment using stripe and paypal payment gateway. The plan would be disabled if not renewed after its expiry.

An efficient dashboard

Get an overview of total clients, users, deals, and invoices along with a graphical representation of invoice – payment chart. A calendar for the management of deals and task deadlines makes it easier for firms to make informed decisions.

Multi-user and Multi-client

Appoint multiple users on various deals. You could assign roles to them and control their access to certain parameters by assigning permissions. Assign multiple clients on the same deal. Thus, multi-user, multi-client feature facilitates ease in deal management.

Customize the roles and control permissions for users and clients

Control access of users by assigning permissions on various modules for each role. Similarly, you could assign permissions to limit the client’s activity on assigned deals.

Invoice Management

Create an invoice for deals by assigning due dates and tax rates. Edit existing invoices by adding products and changing the invoice status. Add payments through available payment modes. Your client can pay invoice via Paypal and Stripe based on your setting.

Expense management

Manage new expenses by selecting from various categories on given deals. Assign the user to an expense and keep a clear tab on an amount and date on which the given expense occurred. A file could be attached to support evidence. Update existing expenses in case of any change.

Manage numerous products

Add new products to an already existing list of products. Add product descriptions and prices along with attaching files for each product.

System setting

Customize your system settings by adding currencies and selecting their symbols and positions. Choose the date and time format and assign a prefix to the invoice. Add company details along with your mail id to your system settings.


Initiate conversations with users. Talk about important matters immediately without any hassles.

Manage setup

Create multiple pipelines and assign multiple stages and labels to them. Create sources of deal generation and add payment methods to your system. Manage various expense categories by adding them according to business needs.

Customize field setup

Create custom fields on selected modules of product, deal, client, and user. Such customization facilitates ease in keeping a tab on the information.

Lead Regulation

Kanban board for lead management

Manage leads by easy drag and drop system. Easily relocate the leads to various stages through the Kanban board system.

Deal Regulation

Kanban board for deal management

Manage deals by easy drag and drop system. Easily relocate the deals to various stages through the Kanban board system.

Create deals

Create new deals by assigning resources like price, clients, products, and sources. Select the pipeline and its stage. You could also add notes to them.

Individual deal features

Add labels and tasks to a particular deal. Change the status of tasks and assign priority to them. Add relevant product, sources and files to it. Converse with a discussion tab and take essential notes. Check the invoices on the given deal and restrict client permissions. Add or remove products and users on a given deal. An individual calendar for each deal and an activity tab makes it easier to keep an eye on important matters.

Add user and clients on a deal

This feature enables the user and clients to only see the particular deal as and when they log in.

Available in multiple languages

Add and customize the tool from the list of available languages. It facilitates global usability.


Here you can see what updates came out and did we bring new to the version. Check Changelog


Please send support request here for any issues, questions or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in comments section.

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