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Pr omex Team is specialized in design and development and have worked for
hundreds of clients coming from different industries across Lebanon and the
Middle East.
Our websites/Apps are fully customizable and based on modern templates. Promex
Team make sure to use the latest functions available for seamless scrolling, unique
additions and an overall enjoyable browsing experience.
Maintaining our clients’ identity in all aspects of the website/App is a top priority
for us.
Our websites/Apps are responsive, google optimized, user friendly, with a
powerful performance and premium hosting.

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– Promex talented and innovative Digital Design team is pioneering in
Lebanon and the region.

– Our Design services are diversified to satisfy all clients’ needs and requests.

– Below is only a glimpse of what our innovative ‘crazy’ designers do:

• Product visualization

• Motion Graphics
• 3D Animation
• CG Art
• Brand Designing
• Architectural Designing
• Mobile Design
• Web Design
• Typography Videos
• Animation & Cartoon Videos
• Whiteboard Doodle Videos
• Modeling & Texturing

  • We know your website matters. Thats why we, at Promex®, only use the top-
    of–the-line enterprise hardware, premium networks, and industry-leading
    software to bring your website to the world as fast as possible.
  • The limitation on your storage space, bandwidth, database, or even the
    amount of websites you can host depend on the package you will choose.
  •  Promex Web Hosting Services:

• Hosting Packages
• Online Storage
• Domains
• Email Host
• Web Shop

IT Solution: Promex Technician team provides IT support to companies to
monitor and solve any IT/Network related issue.
IT/Network Solutions:

  • IT Consultancy Services
  • IT Security & Internet Control and protection
  • IT Infrastructure & Network Design and Integration
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Maintenance Service
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Office Workflow and Automation Application
  • Managing & Installing Email servers MS Exchanger/Cloud Gsuite, Microsoft 360 

Backdoor Dot Ninja is a Cyber Security Agency that seamlessly integrates into the
Pen-Testing process. We analyze your website/Apps/IoT from a hacker’s
perspective and report back with the latest vulnerability findings.
We provide 8 different categories of services:
Full Consultation: A Great Solution for ready products, web applications, services
and servers.
Code Review: Highly recommended for all types of projects that lead to excellent
CMS Pen-Testing: A solution for projects built-on Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.
Functional Testing: A statistical analysis is used to determine which variation
performs better for a given conversion goal.
Mobile Pen-Testing: Android, IOS and Windows mobile pen-testing for top
Bug Hunting: A saving solution for companies that only used to pay for bug.
Monthly Report: A professional cyber security report that provided monthly by our
skilled hackers.
Other Consultation: Malware analysis, data security and vulnerabilities