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FileBase is a very useful WordPress plugin to organize thousands of your media files in the media library. It is similar to WordPress categories like in the posts. It allows you to create an individual and unlimited folder structure in the WordPress media library view.

The best of this plugin is that the native WordPress media management system is used to organize all of your existing media files like Images, Audios and PDFs.


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WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 1

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 2

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 3

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 4

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 5

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 6

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 7

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 8


Create, edit, delete folders

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 9

Drag & Drop files, folders, Breadscrumb

WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase - 10


2021 - May - 13
improvement Verify Purchase Code
improvement Core
improvement Welcome Page
improvement minor Javascript
improvement minor CSS
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix minor Javascript

2021 - Apr - 08
feature Password field
improvement Core 1.4.3
improvement compatible with WP 5.7
improvement minor Javascript
improvement style About page
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix minor Javascript

2021 - Mar - 18
improvement minor Javascript
improvement minor CSS
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix minor Javascript

2021 - Feb - 27
feature Expand All Folder button
feature Collapse All Folder button
feature Tippy JS
feature PerfectScrollbar JS
improvement UI for Media Manager panel
improvement UI for Popup Media panel
improvement Delete folder
improvement auto scrollable for folder box
improvement Display the long folder name
improvement Stay at the current folder when reloading
improvement double click to edit folder
improvement Alert js
improvement Check folder name exists
improvement Enter for submitting New folder form
improvement Enter for submitting Edit folder form
improvement Drag & Drop folder
bug-fix remove guide JS
bug-fix default folder in popup media
bug-fix minor Javascript
bug-fix minor CSS

2021 - Feb - 08
feature About Class
improvement Core 1.4.1
improvement minor CSS for component
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix for WP 5.6.1

2021 - Jan - 26
improvement  Core version 1.4.0
bug-fix minor css

2021 - Jan - 06
improvement style button in admin panel
improvement html-Dom Class to 1.9.1
improvement  Core version

2020 - Dec - 11
improvement style for about page
improvement style for settings page
improvement  Core version 1.3.9
bug-fix javascript button delete
bug-fix javascript button add

2020 - Oct - 17
improvement  Core version 1.3.8
improvement  UI
bug-fix  Compatible with WP 5.5.1
bug-fix  Compatible with Colorpicker

2020 - Aug - 12
improvement  Core v1.3.7
improvement  Style form in plugins settings
improvement  Update items in about-page
bug-fix  Conflict CSS with WPB

2020 - July - 28
improvement  Core v1.3.6
improvement  Tab navigation for Option settings page
improvement  "About" page
bug-fix  Minor javascript

2020 - June - 03
improvement Get taxonomy media
improvement Performance javascript
improvement Get media on-page editor

2020 - May - 29
feature Search folder
feature Sort folder
improvement Name of folder too long
improvement User interface
improvement Move tutorial into the dropdown
improvement Add a new folder
improvement Edit new folder

2020 - May - 8
improvement Choose image UI
improvement Popup media file
improvement Left bar folder Upload Media

2020 - May - 8
improvement Position folder
improvement Position folder
improvement Improved folder opening and closing operations
improvement Highlight folder is open

2020 - May - 7
feature Tiles of helper
improvement js performance increase
improvement Display parameters when dragging

2020 - April - 13
feature Context Menu
improvement Replace bootstrap
improvement Removed bootstrap

2020 - March - 31
feature meta fields(color, dete_time, radio, select, tab, text, textarea, time,... )
feature About page
improvement compatible with WooCommerce

2020 - February - 27
feature About page
improvement Rename folder
improvement Drag-drop folder
improvement Js for drag subfolder

2020 - February - 10
feature Encodes data
improvement Bulk select files by dragging the mouse over the files.
improvement Event resize
improvement Core 1.3.4

2020 - January - 30
feature Drag-drop folder
improvement Api about page
improvement Language
improvement Documentation
bug-fix Event resize

2020 - January - 20
feature Js for view folder
feature Js for the event open
improvement Css for label
improvement Core 1.3.3

2020 - January - 03
improvement Color Button
improvement Color manage
improvement Google font
bug-fix Load function

2019 - December - 16
feature Load function
improvement Open file all (Reload)
feature Color Button
improvement Theme UI

2019 - December - 02
feature Open file all (Reload)
feature Color manage
feature Google font
improvement Css for the popup
improvement Core 1.3.2

2019 - November - 15
feature Language
improvement Js for the popup
improvement Context Menu
improvement Css for Documentation

2019 - November - 03
feature Language: Italy, Netherlands, Indonesia
feature Css for Icon
feature icon
feature breadcrumb

2019 - October - 03
feature Language: Greek, Vietnam, Dutch
feature Css for the popup
feature Js for the popup
improvement theme popup upload file

2019 - 09 - 16
feature Language: France
improvement functions a new folder and renames the folder.
improvement Context Menu.
bug-fix rename folder.

2019 - 08 - 23
feature Language: English, German
feature Context Menu.
feature Bulk select files by dragging the mouse over the files.
bug-fix Filter image

2019 - 08 - 05
feature Init.


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