Woocommerce Fancy Category Accordion




WooCommerce Fancy Category Accordion

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The shop admin , can create different category accordion by:

excluding on each one categories
displaying or not empty categories
choosing custom icon or image for each category
choosing an icon to open /close the accordion
choosing a default icon for all categories
set up font style and background
choosing the type of the animation for accordion and more ……

  • 25+ Animation Effects for the accordion
  • Add in pages , posts , widget
  • Category custom Icon or Image
  • Display products counter to categories
  • Exclude categories from accordion
  • Exclude empty categories from accordion
  • Font-awesome icons for categories
  • Font-awesome icons open close accordion
  • Font styling colors , size , hover
  • Background styling colors
  • and many other options to create nice category accordion.

Add the Fancy Category Accordion in Pages or Posts
Woocommerce Fancy Category Accordion - 1
Fancy Category Accordion as Widget in the Sidebar
Woocommerce Fancy Category Accordion - 2
Assing Category Icon or Image
Woocommerce Fancy Category Accordion - 3
Frontend Demo
Woocommerce Fancy Category Accordion - 4



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