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PullOuts is a stand-alone script based on a popular WordPress plugin – “PullOut Widgets”, and can be used on any website that supports HTML and JavaScript.

PullOuts allows to grab any piece of content from a web page and display it as a pullout widget. Whether it’s a block of text, images, shopping cart, login, search or subscription form, a video or any other content – you can make it a pullout.

Easy to use code generator will help you to set your widgets in seconds. Flexible settings: multiple triggers to active your pullouts, unlimited colors, hundreds of icons and dozens of animation effects will enhance your website and amaze your visitors.

PullOuts Features

  • Flexible pullout widget positioning on top, right, bottom or left side.
  • Multiple pullout triggers:
    • on mouse click;
    • on mouse hover;
    • timer countdown;
    • page count;
    • when specified element appears on the screen.
  • Unlimited widget colors.
  • 289 slick icons for pullout tabs.
  • 32 sliding animation effects.
  • Multiple styles for pullout tabs: square, rounded corners, borders, combination of the above.
  • CSS3 vertical and horizontal tabs.
  • Pullout speed control.

Requirements & Browser Compatibility

PullOuts requires jQuery 1.7+ and jQuery UI 1.8+ libraries, which are included into the package.

Fully compatible with all modern browsers including: Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Firefox 3+, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Internet Explorer 7 and 8 don’t support CSS3 enhancements like shadows, rounded corners and vertical tabs, but functionality of the script is still intact.



  • Fixed: OFF switch for mobile devices wasn’t working.
  • Removed clearfix class, since it wasn’t used.


  • Improved: removed dependency on jQuery.browser since it’s no longer exist in jQuery 1.9+.
  • Fixed: Icon was not being reflected in the Code Generator after importing widget settings.
  • Fixed: cookie wasn’t being read correctly.


  • Fixed: tab icons didn’t display in IE and Opera.
  • Fixed: widgets stopped working in IE7/8. Some dimension getters were returning NuN, which weren’t correctly validated.


  • Initial release.


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