Mailster Integration with Arforms




Mailster Integration with ARForms

Mailster Integration with ARForms Plugin allows you to quickly create subscribers for your mailster mailling lists using the power & flexibility of ARForms.


Mailster Integration with Arforms - 1

Mailster Configuration Settings in ARForms

Mailster Integration with Arforms - 2

Mailster Integration With ARForms plugin integrates your form entries and Mailster Subscription into a single process. You can Subscribe users immediately after form submission from ARForms.
You need to create form with ARForms, Configure with Mailster form, select listname(s) and its all done. You can setup subscription with beautiful forms within couple of minutes!
This addon requires at least version 2.6+ of ARForms and version 2.0+ of Mailster. Please make sure that your plugins are up to date before installing this extension.

Plugin Features:

  • Create Unlimited subscription forms using with ARForms
  • Each form can subscribe users to a different list(s)
  • Let users can decide in which list they want to subscribe to
  • Supports custom fields of MyMail Forms
  • Multilingual


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