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IT Security Tools is a PHP Web Application with a set of simple and easy to use tools for any IT/Security Professionals. Can be single use or SAAS (software as a service). There is also an admin section to look at logs, users, and change settings.

Please check out our documentation at

Demo Login SAAS:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Subscriptions User Login:
Password: test

Demo Login Single:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Shared hosting is not recommend to host this product.

How to install video:

Main Features:

  • Domain Tools as Who is lookup, Domain to IP, Domain Availability, IP Blacklist Check
  • MD5 Hash Tools with Virus Total API integration, Hash Generators
  • Virus Total Tools like Website Virus scan and MD5 single hash scan
  • Website Monitor uptime/ping/HTTP Status Code
  • MISC Tools such as Password Generator, Port Scanner, Grab External IP by URL, Credit Card Luhn Check
  • Easy install with simple steps using install.php
  • Table log of user logins and data modification
  • Dual-user permissions groups (admin and basic user accounts)
  • Admin Approvel prior to new user account setup
  • Captcha™ math problem on login/forgot/register pages to protect from brute force attacks
  • Full Feature Admin Section; with user management, additional logs, and panel settings
  • Clean user friendly interface
  • Highly configurable (Commented Code)
  • Email Alerts when website/ip goes offline.
  • Email Alerts when MD5 Scan is complete.

Version upgrades are free. Please contact us if you need help installing.

Change Log

Version 1.0.4 – 9 October 18

  • + Added Bootstrap Datatables to all tables for easy searching and sorting.
  • + Added Cron job for RSS Feed News.
  • + Made alot of improvements and other css updates.
  • * Fixed forgot password header issues.
  • * Updated install.php to correct database issues.
  • * Other bug and issues found and fixed.

Version 1.0.3 – 7 JUNE 16

  • + Added SAAS Function to software.
  • + Added new feature can now scan php and etc files for malicious code.
  • + Added new report function to site monitor page.
  • + Made alot of improvements and other css updates.
  • * Fixed Uptime Monitor’s to only see logged in users site’s.
  • * Updated install.php to correct file write issues.
  • * Other bug and issues found and fixed.

Version 1.0.2 – 26 DECEMBER 15

  • * Fixed CSS Div class issues.
  • * HTML bug fixes and improvements.
  • * PHP array function fixes.
  • * Updated install.php to fix more install issues.

Version 1.0.1 – 24 DECEMBER 15

  • * Fixed log insert issues.
  • * HTML bug fixes and improvements.
  • * PHP Notice/Warning fixes.
  • * Updated install.php to fix install issues.

Version 1.0.0 – 22 DECEMBER 15

  • * Initial Release

New features/fixes for Program ?

Please contact us to discuss new features as well as any bugs you might find.


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