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Brand-new, Powerful WooCommerce product Filter plugin

Build professional filtering system for your WooCommerce products (or any other post type) by any parameters with the Filter Everything plugin.

It is a new plugin and that’s why it is:

  1. Faster.
  2. More thoughtful, than other.
  3. Has unique SEO features. And
  4. Filters almost everything in WordPress.

Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter promotion discount

Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter description part 1Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter description part 2


Filters any post type

WooCommerce products, posts, recipes, cars, real estate objects and so on.

Filters by any parameters

Well for example:

  • Price, Sale price or any numeric value from Custom Fields.
  • Product rating
  • Product Category, Tag or any custom Product Taxonomy 
  • Product Attribute: size, color, length, width, weight etc
  • All Product statuses: On Sale, In Stock, Downloadable, Backordered, Featured etc
  • Product Type: Variable, Simple, Grouped, External
  • Shipping class
  • Product Visibility
  • Product Brand
  • Author
  • Any custom WordPress Taxonomy
  • Featured image (exists/not exists)
  • Product/Post Views count
  • Cooking time
  • Calories
  • Anything you can imagine and put into Taxonomy or Custom Field.

Individual Filters Sets

Allows you to create specific filters for different Categories, Tags or any other archive pages. Thus, you can filter products only by relevant parameters.
Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter admin screen

For filtering results pages. This allow index them by Search Engines, share, bookmark or so
Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter clean URLs example

Arbitrary filters order in URL

E.g. /color-blue/size-large/ or /size-large/color-blue/

Make specific filtering pages available for indexing

By Search Engines and get more visitors to your site by “chunky middle” and “long-tail” keywords.
Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter Google snippet example

Individual SEO titles, H1 titles and Meta descriptions

For filtering pages
Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter individual H1 titles

SEO Rules

That allow you to automatically generate H1 title, SEO title and Meta description for filtering pages.
Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter SEO Rule edit screen

Dynamic recount posts in filter terms

You always know how many products you will see after you select a particular term or set numeric filter value.

Optionally to hide empty terms

And even entire filters that do not contain products to avoid empty searches.

Indicating as inactive terms

That become empty during filtering

Ability to collapse and expand filters

Native WordPress-style dashboard

Which will be familiar to every WordPress user

Clean filters design

That ensures compatibility with any WordPress themes.

Hooks and template overriding feature

That allow to customize filters behavior and appearance specifically as may be need for your site.

Compatible with any theme design

Just select the filter’s primary color.
Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter skins

Smart Scroll

Automatic scrolling to the top of the page, if all found products fit on a single page.

Filters search results

Refine you WordPress search with the Filter Everything plugin

Compatible with caching plugins


Filter options

  • Title
  • Filtering parameter
  • URL prefix for filter
  • Meta key (for filters by Custom Field)
  • View [Checkboxes|Radio buttons|Labels list|Dropdown|Range]
  • Filter logic [AND|OR]
  • Sort terms by [Term name|Post count|Term ID]
  • Exclude terms
  • Folding [Enabled|Disabled]
  • Show selected [Enabled|Disabled]
  • Enable range slider? [Enabled|Disabled]
  • Slider Step (numeric value)

Filter Set options

  • Location (archive or other page, where the Filter Set should display)
  • Hide empty terms
  • Show count
  • Hide empty Filters

SEO Rules options

  • Post type
  • Filters combination (Archive page + Filters)
  • SEO title
  • Meta description
  • H1 Title
  • SEO Description (SEO text for specific filtering page)

Settings (most important)

  • URL prefixes – order and values
  • Indexed Filters
  • Mobile devices settings
  • AJAX settings
  • Color scheme
  • Smart scroll
  • Layout and behavior customizations


The main goal of developing the Filter Everything plugin was to create a professional and ultimate filtering tool for WordPress, which would satisfy the requirements of both – site visitors and site administrators as well as SEO specialists.

That is why when developing the plugin, we researched and took into account the experience of the most popular online stores in the world and implemented it in WordPress. We also talked a lot with the SEO specialists during entire process.


Absolutely universal
– in what exactly to filter – WooCommerce products or any WordPress post types
– by what parameters to filter – almost by any.

This was achieved thanks to the possibility of filtering by WordPress Taxonomies and Custom fields, which covers 99% of possible filtering parameters.

Here is example of filtering parameters list:
Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter by parameters list

Allows to design and build
any filtering system with all key features that popular online stores use.

Mobile ready
and allows to filter products as conveniently as on desktop devices.

Your SEO-specialist will like it
because it allows you to make pages of filtering results open for indexing by Search Engines and automatically fill them with SEO data. This feature provides an increase in traffic for “chunky middle” and “long-tail” keywords.

To fill filtering results pages with SEO data the plugin provides an interface for configuring special rules for SEO titles, H1 titles and meta-descriptions.

Filter Everything - WooCommerce Product Filter SEO Rules admin list

Your developer will like it also
because via hooks and the ability to override templates, it will be able specifically customize the filtering system as your site may need.



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