Because youth is the mainstay and the future, and because they have the spirit of initiative and the ability to change,

Because evidence showed that some of the official institutions cannot function and achieve all the goals of development plans and projects without the active voluntary participation of citizens, NGOs and students.

“Volunteers Without Borders” launches volunteer clubs at universities


– Community service is not only a benefit for the community; it is of mutual benefit for both university and the community.

– The benefit to the university and its students from this activity is far important than that of the community.

– Acquisition of teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

– More student’s understanding of the needs of society and ways to deal with it.

– Enhance holding responsibility and the spirit of belonging and citizenship.

– Enhance the sense of voluntary work after graduation.

– The impact of the student activity on his academic, career and future performance.

If you are a university student and you have the motivation, desire and ambition to contribute to the organization and implementation of voluntary activities at the university or outside, do not hesitate to join “Volunteers without Borders” Club at your university.

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