Dr Caroline completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Paris, France in 2003.

During that time she gained extensive experience in:

Obstetrics and High Risk Pregnancy at Saint Antoine Hospital (Prof. Carbonne), at Pitié Salpetrière Hospital, and at Cochin Hospital (Prof. Cabrol) in Paris;

Pelvic Gynecology Surgery, Gynecoplasty, and Vulvar Surgery at the CHI Créteil Hospital (Prof. Paniel) in Paris;

Pelvic Coelioscopy Surgery, and in Vitro-Fertilisation at Cochin Hospital (Pr Chapron) in Paris; and

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery at the Institute Curie hospital, and at the Paris Breast Centre (Prof. Clough) in Paris.

She obtained a Diploma in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and in Breast Reconstruction from the Gustave Russy Institute in Paris in 2004.

She also obtained a Diploma in Fetal Medicine and a Diploma in In-Vitro Fertilisation in 2003 from the University of Paris V.

In 2005, Dr. Caroline started her private practice in Beirut, Lebanon;

From the Academic Year 2008/2009 until the present she is Lecturer for Midwives at the Faculty of Public Health of the Lebanese University; and

From 2009 until the present she is the Ob-Gyn M.D in charge of the Mother and Baby Care Center at Faculty of Public Health of the Lebanese University.

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